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PUBG Buddy launched for players to look for stats on Discord App

PUBG Buddy will be a Discord bot.

  • Published: November 15, 2018 4:34 PM IST
PUBG developer API

Image Credit: PUBG Corp

PUBG is a team game and communication is key to understanding where those enemies are, and winning that chicken dinner. Now there are many apps out there that help people communicate and among those Discord has emerged as one of the most used apps for people to communicate while gaming. Discord allows people to create chat rooms where people can discuss and come to know about new things. And gaming companies have stated exploiting this to communicate with its customers to share gaming news, streams and other communique.

Now it seems PUBG Corp also wants to use Discord to its full potential, and it is now launching a Discord Bot called PUBG Buddy that shows stats for PC and Xbox PUBG players. PUBG writes in the blog that, “PUBG Buddy is there for PUBG players that like to use Discord while they’re gaming. You can view your (or another player’s) season stats, recent match summaries, and even compare your stats to another player’s. If you ever forget the commands for PUBG Buddy, just type “!pubg-help”. For more information about a particular command, type “!pubg-help <command>”.”

The bot will apparently help resolve arguments among team members as well by suggesting random places to drop by typing “!pubg-drop s”. The bot will be customizable by setting up the server’s default options and connecting your IGN to your Discord user. Players will also be ale to check the leaderboards on PUBG Buddy as well.

As for the future update of the PUBG Buddy, the blog specifies that, “PUBG Buddy will soon be updated with the option to assign roles based on a player’s rank in PUBG. Additionally, more images can be expected in the bot’s responses.”

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PUBG has also made the API free for players to make their own apps based on the post-match data. This can be done by visiting the Developer Portal for PUBG.

  • Published Date: November 15, 2018 4:34 PM IST