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PUBG community just found a game breaking mechanic in gunplay where FPS affects gun recoil

It seems PUBG FPS directly affects recoil of weapons.

  • Published: January 22, 2019 10:04 AM IST
PUBG PC update 23

Image Credit: PUBG Corp

PUBG has been an extremely popular game, but is has lot a lot of players as well which is due to the fact that the game had a lot of issues with inconsistent performance. With a lot of players complaining of the same problem, PUBG Corp. launched an initiative last year called ‘Fix PUBG’ where it tried to clean up the faults and bugs in the game. And now players have found a potentially gamebreaking bug in the game which is that the FPS is directly related to the recoil that one will experience in the game.

PUBG in itself is a game which depends heavily on the gunplay of the game which is one of the best aspects of the game. This means that the weapon mechanics are almost real world like and recoil, bullet drop rate and rate of fire and these things directly affect the damage per second of a weapon. And as a result players need to be skilled enough to know how to handle the recoil while firing any weapon in the game. There is a learning curve which is results from the use of various attachments that can be added to guns.

But recently known YouTuber WackyJacky101, who is known to do research based videos on PUBG claimed and showed in a video that lower FPS in the game makes the guns with high rate of fire experience less recoil. This is potentially game breaking find, even though professionals in the game already had an idea that FPS directly affects the performance of a particular weapon.

In the video he found that guns like Groza, M416 and Vector which have a very high rate of fire experience less recoil at lower FPS. In PUBG the FPS can be can be controlled using the ingame settings, but the lowest possible setting for it is 30FPS. But weapons with a slow rate of fire like AKM are not affected at all by these factors. But he also noticed that the rate of fire of the weapon decreases as the recoil decreases as well, this keeps the semblance of balance in the DPS output.

Following this Reddit user MutuTutu did in-depth research of his own and found out that the relation between low FPS and the recoil of guns in PUBG is not that simple. He found and posited that the optimum recoil for any weapon in PUBG is related to how well the FPS syncs with the rate of fire. He even made a chart that shows how the rate of fire is related to FPS to provide better recoil. An AKM which has a rate of fire of 10 bullets per second or 0.1 per second syncs perfectly with 30 FPS and shows no change in recoil. But at 31 FPS, the performance of the same AKM changes drastically.

Image Credit: MutuTutu / Reddit

Though this might indicate that players can manually look for the perfect framerate when using a particular weapon, it is practically not possible. This is also the reason why a fluctuating FPS can also adversely affect the performance of players.

  • Published Date: January 22, 2019 10:04 AM IST