PUBG creator isn't looking at competing with Fortnite

We are not in a race here, our games are a service that must be improved.

  • Published: June 15, 2018 3:27 PM IST
Brendan Playerunknown Greene

Brendan Greene aka Playerunknown has his name on the game that he created along with developers Bluehole. And when the game did debut in 2017, it became a massive hit with the people even in its Early Access stage on Steam. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ high lasted until Epics Games decided to unveil their own take of the battle royale genre. And since then Fortnite has gone on to become a phenomenon that took over the gaming world.

Engadget writer Timothy J. Seppala got hold of Brendan Greene at E3 2018 and asked him a few things among which were how he and his team were planning to compete and get back to the top position in the battle royale genre.

To which he said, “We have a plan ourselves, we want to build ourselves into being a platform for game modes and a more realistic battle royale. I don’t think it’s about being on top. It’s about building a good platform for people to play games on. Whoever’s number one, that’s not important to us. What’s more important is making sure the game we have is stable and getting it to be a good foundation for an esport.”

He added that Fortnite’s success has not affected how they approach the game, they have their own roadmap that they intend to follow. But having competition biting at the heels is a good thing because it keeps everyone on their toes.

On being asked if he thinks that PUBG can get ahead in the race, he says that he does not think it’s a race and the game is a service that the devs want to improve. He emphasizes that the anti-cheating measures are working well and now in around 50,000 games, people would hardly come across 500 cheaters.

As for the future of PUBG, here’s what he had to say, “This year is about stabilizing the game. Really getting it polished off and into a competitive state. Next year is setting up the process to make an esport that will last. We want to continually… it’s about creating a platform for game modes. It’s about providing more than just a battle royale game.”

  • Published Date: June 15, 2018 3:27 PM IST