PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 beta version launched; adds MK47 Mutant Assault Rifle and new chat options

The new PUBG Mobile update is a pretty heavy download.

  • Published: December 6, 2018 9:54 AM IST
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PUBG Mobile maker Tencent Games has been releasing its beta version of the game in China before launching the game globally which has now become the method for the company. And now the beta version of the PUBG Mobile version 0.10.0 is out in China, which comes with quite a few interesting new additions. The update has been confirmed by the devs on Reddit, and the size of the update is pretty big. But the size of the update seems incoherent with the new additions in the game.

The biggest highlights of this updates is the addition of a new chat system that will play a big role in simplifying teamwork and the addition of a new AR called the MK47 Mutant which is already available on the PC and the Xbox version of the game. Here’s a comprehensive look at the new additions to the game.

– MK47 Mutant added: The MK47 Mutant is a AR even though it work more like a DMR, as in it has a single shot mode and a two bullet burst mode. It has slots for magazine, grips, muzzle and a sight or scope, and uses 7.62 bullets.
– Laser Sight Attachment: The Laser Sight is an under the barrel attachment that can be attached to pistols as well, but users will have to forego the grip for it. It provides better recoil control when doing hip fire.
– New control settings: New customization options for your screen layout that include a series of presets and variables.
– Additional chat options: Dozens of scripted text and voice dialogue selections have been added to the game to help communicate with teammates. The options to enable these are classified under tactics, movement and discussion.
– New cosmetic items have been added as well.
– Some bug fixes.

  • Published Date: December 6, 2018 9:54 AM IST