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PUBG Mobile: 6 Pro tips to reach competitive level gameplay

To all those players that want to take their gameplay, these are the PUBG Mobile pro tips to follow thatt will help them reach a competitive level.

  • Published: June 20, 2019 1:07 PM IST
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There are few games that can beat PUBG Mobile in popularity. And it is so popular because it can be played casually and professionally. There are tournaments happening all over where PUBG Mobile players are participating in droves. The game is also popular because it is easily playable from any place and people only need their phones. With all the tournaments happening, players want to get better. And now, the Tencent Games has announced some PUBG Mobile pro tips for players to follow. These PUBG Mobile pro tips will help players reach the pro gameplay level. Also Read - How to run PUBG Mobile at 60 fps on any Android device

PUBG Mobile Pro Tip 1: Know your equipment

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The number one thing that pros do, is familiarize themselves with the equipment they use. In the case of PUBG Mobile, that would be the mobile phone. It doesn t matter if the mobile phone you use is worth Rs 10,000 or Rs 50,000. You need to be aware of the specs of your device and then use the optimal settings that would give you a smooth gameplay. Also Read - PUBG Mobile update 0.13.0: 5 most important changes

Remember, a true professional never loses a game because of technical issues too often. Optimal settings could be as little as the right amount of RAM and optimum battery usage settings during a game, achieved by simply shutting down all other apps in the background. Although it could help having a good piece of hardware, it is still good practice to use the best of what you have, to improve your game.

PUBG Mobile Pro Tip 2: Practice

While this is simply given, rarely do gamers enter a game thinking it would be a practice run. It is great philosophy to consider every session as a professional game, but it is far more practical to employ humility and put in time to improve one s skills. There is a reason why the game has the Arcade mode and the War mode. These help you build your skills and develop an instinct, which is highly sought after as a gamer. Ideally, you should be spending half your game time on these modes, practicing and getting better at your overall skills. It is especially important if you are aware of what your game lacks. Focus on that and sharpen your edges.

PUBG Mobile Pro Tip 3: Stick with your team

It is very important to have a game plan in place before you start the game. A pro always plays as a reliable team member when with a squad. When you play with a squad it is smart to land close to them so that you are in less danger. How could that help? Well, imagine you are knocked out, staying close to your team gives them better chance of reviving you without casualties. If you are playing as an individual, it is better to land in places where there is higher potential for survival. Also, you could land in places with good loot, if you are playing alone. In a team, it is necessary to concentrate on the team s survival, with less focus on a high individual kill count. Being aggressive is good, but survival makes room for more opportunities.

PUBG Mobile Pro Tip 4: NEVER stand still

Pros never stand still for too long, whether they are looting or aiming to shoot. It is quite simple, the more you move, the harder it is for an enemy to target you. Also, constantly changing directions makes you aware of other players who are moving towards you. Real pros make slight movements even when they shoot. It is especially important to move after making a kill, because it is unpredictable who could be on your six (behind you).

PUBG Mobile Pro Tip 5: Patience is a virtue

Patience could make a huge difference between one s survival or death. Be patient in every aspect of the game. Sometimes it would make a lot more sense to back away from a fight than to jump right in with guns blazing. This requires, deep understanding of your skills and equipment. If you find yourself at a disadvantage, it is better to not risk it all and rather survive. You can always get back and take your revenge on a player when the situation becomes more favorable to you, later in the game.

Adding to that, you could also benefit from not going for a kill once you have knocked someone out. If you exercise a little patience, you could wait for the player s team members to arrive and try reviving their teammate, which could allow you to have another kill. Also, do not head straight for a loot or a vehicle. Survey the area and be sure that others are aiming for the same thing as you.

PUBG Mobile Pro Tip 6: Travel light

Pros always evaluate their inventory and discard all unnecessary equipment. This practice comes handy in case of a loot. You do not have to stand around emptying your inventory to make space for something else, if you keep a check on it. You should always have space in your inventory before you reach the loot. It s a matter of seconds that could decide your fate.

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These simple PUBG Mobile pro tips would surely bring a positive change in a player s technique. It is always essential to have a good foundation and build it through practice. To those wondering if going pro is a great choice, why not? A gamer needs to evaluate one s game and constantly upgrade on all aspects. Irrespective of whether you want to be a professional gamer or not, it wouldn t hurt to play like a pro.

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  • Published Date: June 20, 2019 1:07 PM IST

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