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PUBG Mobile, Angry Birds team up to add exploding birds; here's how gamers reacted

Game developer Rovio and PUBG Corp have teamed to bring the popular Angry Birds to PUBG Mobile.

  • Published: December 12, 2019 3:10 PM IST
pubg mobile angry birds

PUBG Corp has teamed up with game developer Rovio to bring the popular Angry Birds to PUBG Mobile. The company shared the announcement on the official Twitter handle of PUBG Mobile India. As part of the team up, PUBG Mobile players can throw these exploding birds to take down buildings. However, these exploding birds are only available in a dedicated mode. Players can access this by tapping the “Angry Birds” button available in the overflow menu towards the bottom right corner. One can access the overflow menu by tapping on the “>>>” button below the “Gifts” button.

PUBG Mobile Angry Birds mode details

The announcement tweet asks the users to try the new mode. In addition, it also includes a teaser image with the text “Chicken Dinner Tastes Better with Angry Birds”. Opening the mode in the game, we are greeted with a lucky wheel sping-like game. Here users will get “throws” to try and earn different Angry Birds characters and points. Players need to complete multiple tasks to earn new throws. Users need to earn a set number of points to earn in-game items. Currently, players can earn points to get four items. These include a supply crate coupon, Angry Birds frame, Nutcracker M16A4, and a Valiant Red ornament. Users can earn more throws by completing in-game challenges.

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This is not the first time that PUBG Mobile as teamed up with a game, TV show, or movies. Currently, the team is also running collaboration with The Walking Dead in the United States. Talking a look at the responses to the tweet, it looks like players are not happy with the addition. Multiple players have asked the company to remove the seemingly annoying sound effect of chirping birds.

The new mode came just a day after PUBG Mobile rolled out its much anticipated 0.16.0 update. It brings a number of new game modes along with meaningful improvements. The new modes include the much-anticipated Rage Gear mode, along with more refined in-game mechanics. For instance, players can finally heal themselves while moving. Beyond this, the company is also working on improving its anti-cheating system inside the game. This will likely help the company in banning an increasing number of cheaters and hackers.

  • Published Date: December 12, 2019 3:10 PM IST