comscore PUBG Mobile ban notice has been updated on November 21

PUBG Mobile ban notice has been updated on November 21

This new ban notice defines how the devs will be exposing hackers and cheaters in the future.

  • Published: November 21, 2019 10:07 AM IST
PUBG Mobile ban notice Nov 21

There is a new PUBG Mobile ban notice of hackers and cheaters that Tencent Games shared for November 21. The devs have shared strong words concerning cheaters and hackers and what they think of them in the post. Hacker and cheaters use software that is made for the purpose. PUBG Mobile cheaters like in all other shooting games, use hacks and cheats with different effects. Some of these allow players to automatically aim for the heads. There are other hacks that allow users to see through the walls at the positions of different enemies. There are quite a lot of different hacks, and these are all unfair.

The devs announced the new list in a tweet that reads, “If there’s one thing we can’t stand, it’s people who try and cheat to get what they haven’t earned! Check out the latest Ban list now.” Tencent Games is pushing these lists as a deterrent for those that do want to hack. It seems Tencent Games will introduce new anti-cheating measures soon. As of now the blog mentions that it will continue with its 10-year ban policy for cheaters.

PUBG Mobile ban notice of cheaters: Details

The developers of PUBG, be it mobile, PC or the consoles have taken the threat of hackers very seriously. And in a recent move announced by Tencent Games, it tweeted that it has banned a host of PUBG Mobile cheaters. PUBG Mobile devs wrote in the blog. All the accounts in the list received a 10-year ban. It even asks players to report other if they suspect that they are cheating or using an unauthorized 3rd party app.

The PUBG Mobile ban notice of hackers and cheaters for Mobile can be seen here. The notice mentions that, “Going forward, to better ensure our game follows rules regarding personal privacy around the world and maintains the integrity of our users’ personal information, we will randomly select a group banned cheaters and disclose information regarding their ranks, servers, and reasons for the ban.”

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PUBG Devs in a video had announced the importance of player reports on different enemies. These reports can be for toxic behavior and for assumed cheating. Once a player is reported for cheating, the developer team will look into them. This includes the games that the person has played and how they attained all the kills. They will be running the person’s game through all the anti-cheating software to see if any cheating software was used by them.

  • Published Date: November 21, 2019 10:07 AM IST