comscore PUBG Mobile: Here's when you should fight and when you should run

PUBG Mobile: Here's when you should fight and when you should run

Sometimes, to triumph as the last man standing on PUBG Mobile, players need to know when they should pick a fight and when it is smarter to run and hide.

  • Published: June 9, 2020 4:19 PM IST

One of the most important aspects of being a PUBG Mobile pro player is your strategy skills. Sometimes, to triumph as the last man standing, players need to know when they should pick a fight and when it is smarter to run and hide. In PUBG Mobile as important as your sniping skills are, it is a game where defense holds as much priority, if not more. Every action needs to be thought out and players must ensure that they are protected at all times. Also Read - PUBG Mobile Jungle Mode is here with hot air balloons, jungle fruit and more

PUBG Mobile tips of when to fight or flight

– Make sure you’re stocked up: Before getting into a fight, players need to be sure to be well equipped with a good weapon (the weapon depends on the kind of shot players are looking to take) and an ample supply of ammunition. Also Read - PUBG Mobile developer Tencent Games has shared Season 12 stats

– Know your landing: Pro players need to be well aware where they are landing before deciding their approach of defense or offense. If players choose to land in a popular and crowded place like Pochinki, it is smart to choose the defensive approach, because even if you manage to take out one player, you land up revealing your position to many more. Also Read - PUBG Mobile Secret map first look has been revealed

– How safe you are: Depending how close you are to the safe zone, beware of how feasible it is to get into a fight. Sometimes if you are too far out, it is more advantageous to run for your safety and sacrifice on some of those sure-shot kills.

– Move with your squad: When player’s get themselves into a sticky situation, trusted squad members are like a saving grace. When player’s decide to reveal their hiding spot and attack opponents there is always a probability of getting knocked out by that very opponent or someone else who has witnessed the fight. To prevent being killed, make sure your teammates are around to revive you.

– Dress subtle on the battlefield: If players are dressed in bright colours, sometimes there is a chance they are giving away their exact location to enemies. In crowded places, if players are wearing a beaming and easy noticeable outfit, they may want to hide instead of getting into a brawl

– Steer clear of the final drops: As we near the end of the game in the last couple of zones, we should not go in for a drop or the probable fights that come hand in hand with the drops, this can lead to us becoming easy targets for enemies watching over the drop with scopes.

– Know your strengths: Before getting into a fight, know which weapons work best for you. A bolt action gun such as the AWM or Kar98 is a confirmed kill with one shot to the head if you have good precision. But if you aren’t as precise you are better off being equipped with a gun like the SKS where you can shoot multiple times without reloading.

– Try to be all the way up: If you choose to get into a fight, try and maintain high ground as it is easier to sport your enemies and keep track on them as they change their positions. It also gives you a better view of your surroundings

– Smoke grenades for the win: Having a smoke grenade not only helps you and your teammates revive each other when knocked out, but also can be used to distract your enemies if thrown in different directions for an easy escape. It can also be used to move closer towards enemies who are unaware of your exact position. It is one of the best weapons to have before getting into a fight, that is if used effectively.

  • Published Date: June 9, 2020 4:19 PM IST
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