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PUBG Mobile introduces India Bonus Challenge

The new mode has been designed to give players access to more cosmetic items.

  • Published: March 1, 2019 2:24 PM IST
PUBG Mobile India Bonus

Considering the popularity of the game and its unique costume items, PUBG Mobile creators Tencent Games is introducing a new Bonus Challenge feature. Here users will be able to participate in tournaments and earn Battle Coins which can be exchanged for rare outfits, gun skins and UC packs. It has been shown that players want to be able to earn more coins and credits in order to unlock unique cosmetic items to make their characters look more than just stock.

To access the new Bonus Challenge, user can navigate to Bonus Challenge tab from the Esports Tab on the main screen. The Bonus Challenge feature will be available to India users only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week from 12:00 PM to 11:59 PM. In order to register for Bonus Challenge, the user’s level has to be at least 20. There are three different levels in the Bonus Challenge for which users can register – ‘Novice, Adept and Expert’ and entry ticket for these levels is 10 UC, 20UC and 30 UC, respectively.

Each day is divided into 6 seasons, each of which lasts for 2 hours. These 3 levels (10UC/20UC/30UC) Bonus Challenge will all be open at each season. A player can register only for 1 level Bonus Challenge at each season; they can still register the same one or for another one at the next season, which means a user can join for 6 matches in 1 day at most. Tickets can be exchanged in the Battle Shop and one ticket is equivalent to 10 UC, which means users have to consume three tickets or 30 UC if they want to register for the 30 UC level Bonus Challenge. The categories in the Bonus Challenge are geofenced, which means players in one country won’t be able to see the challenges being held in another country.

Users have to finish a Novice Guide post which will earn them 100 Battle Coins and 1 Entry ticket which will help them participate in Novice challenge which is worth 10 UC for free. Once the user finishes the Novice Guide, they have to register for the tournament. Here users can choose from the below mentioned levels and earn points depending on the level they register for.

– Novice (10 UC) and can earn up to 300 points + 15 points for every kill

– Adept (20 UC) and can earn up to 1000 points + 30 points for every kill

– Expert (30 UC) levels and can earn up to 1500 points + 45 points for every kill

The amount of Battle Coin users earn in each match will depend on their rank, kills, and the level of challenge they register for, which attracts them to pay for it and try to get more Battle Coins to cover their cost and even gain more. In Bonus Challenge, points can be exchanged for Battle Coins where 1 point is equal to 1 Battle Coin.

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Actual Points earned = Ranking points + (Points per kill *kills)

Battle Coins earned will be sent to user’s account and user can check their current balance and records on the top of every page. Calculating results takes some time and Battle Coins earned in all seasons will be sent to the account at 10:00 AM (India time) every Thursday. Every participant can earn their points after matches. Users can invest some UC and earn higher UC and rare outfits by showcasing their game skills. Users can redeem rare outfits, gun skins and UC packs in Battle Shop by exchanging Battle Coins.

  • Published Date: March 1, 2019 2:24 PM IST