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PUBG Mobile Season 3 recap video released, and it shows some incredible numbers

The stats are in and they look incredible as ever.

  • Published: December 12, 2018 2:35 PM IST
PUBG Mobile season 3 recap

Image Credit: PUBG Mobile / YouTube

Season 3 of PUBG Mobile has ended and as has become a tradition with the developer Tencent Games, a video has been released which show some incredible numbers that have been achieved in the game this season. These range from kills made with guns that are only available on Sanhok which is the newest map, and some interesting facts about the night mode which was also introduced at the beginning of season 3.

The 55-second video starts off by showing the top three most frequented landing spots on Sanhok map which is much smaller than the previous two maps; these were Boot Camp, Paradise Resort and Ruins. The QBZ, which is an assault rifle type weapon exclusively available on Sanhok was used to eliminate 825,336,302 players and win 942,686,219 chicken dinners. The QBU, which is a DMR-type weapon also exclusive to Sanhok was used to neutralize 38,546,051 players and win 92,076,076 chicken dinners.

The flare gun is used to bring down some quality loot and is an extremely rare weapon to find during a game. And in season 3 more than 15,024,806 flare guns were fired. The night-mode which was launched with Season 3, had 213,312,722 games played and won on it.

Some players suffer from a constant fear of prone players, and 121,036,593 players’ games were ended prematurely. Sniping is an essential part of PUBG but most players choose close range combat, although 29,366,593 players completed the sniper mastery achievement in season 3. The frying pan is an iconic part of PUBG as a game and was used to eliminate 78,099,256 players during season 3. You can check out the video above for all the facts.

  • Published Date: December 12, 2018 2:35 PM IST