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PUBG Mobile: Vikendi Snow Map First Impressions

We've played the new Vikendi snow map on PUBG Mobile, and here's what we think.


Image Credit: Rehan Hooda

Effective as of this morning, PUBG Mobile now has the fourth map for Classic Mode live, and available to play. Vikendi is the latest map in the game, and features a snow-covered island where players must battle it out to be the last one standing.

We’ve been waiting eagerly for the new map to become playable, and have managed to knock in a few games this morning. The Vikendi map is downloadable through the game, and now available for matchmaking. You can play solo, duo and squad games on Vikendi. Here’s what we think of the new snow map.

It’s so white

Skydiving onto Vikendi gives us our first overhead view of the island, and it’s predominantly white. Snow covers nearly the entire landscape of the map, thereby rendering the ability to blend in with the surroundings or hide in bushes or tall grass while prone rather limited. Additionally, walking on the snow creates a different kind of footstep sound which is meant to sound like the squishy and moist sensation of walking on real snow.

That’s not to say there’s nowhere to hide; there are bushes as well as regular soil around the map, along with forests where you can blend in to an extent. However, you may want to change your attire to something more white in order to properly blend in. There are also plenty of interesting structures where players tend to land in larger numbers, such as the castle and cosmodrome. Just like Erangel, Vikendi appears to carry Russian / Soviet influences, with village names, landmarks, architecture, vegetation and terrain generally resembling that of a Russian Arctic island.

Another aspect of the snow on the PC and console versions of the game is the element of temporary footprints and vehicle tracks on the snow, which provide hints as to where other players might be. However, this aspect isn’t built into PUBG Mobile, and the snow doesn’t change appearance as you walk over it. Furthermore, parts of the river between the two major islands are frozen, allowing players to simply walk or ride over them rather than swim.

Snowmobiles are fun

A key addition to the game is a new vehicle for Vikendi – the snowmobile. The vehicle functions on the same physics and dynamics as the regular motorbike that can be found on the other maps, and you can similarly lean forward and backwards to control the snowmobile. Being a larger and wider vehicle than the motorbike, the snowmobile is a bit slower and also easier to control at high speeds.

Other vehicles are also present, including most of the popular four-wheelers in the game. Vikendi isn’t as large as Erangel and Miramar, but it is a bit bigger than Sanhok, making this a medium-sized map for PUBG Mobile. Therefore, vehicles are only really useful if you’re far outside the blue circle and quickly need to move, but the rugged terrain means that you’re better off on foot if you don’t have a huge distance to cover.

Medium-length matches, lots of guns

The size of the map tends to dictate the typical length of matches in PUBG Mobile. So while the two large maps regularly produce games that stretch to over 30 minutes for the final ten players, the smaller Sanhok map can produce a winner in under 20 minutes. The size of Vikendi puts game length somewhere between the two, and you can expect games around 25 minutes long for players in the top ten.

The Vikendi map, like Sanhok, has a lot of guns easily accessible. While most of these currently tend to be SMGs, you do find 5.56mm and 7.62mm weapons, as well as shotguns fairly easily depending on where you land. Users that are comfortable with the Micro-UZI (described by many, including PlayerUnknown himself, as the deadliest weapon in the game) will have it easy. However, in the few games we played, scopes were generally hard to come by, making fighting on Vikendi a close-quarters affair.

Vikendi – First Impressions

The new snow map looks admittedly plain, but its size and terrain makes it the ideal mid-sized map for the game. Sitting between Sanhok and Erangel / Miramar in terms of size, the map offers a new element to the gameplay. However, my personal favorite map remains the small and aggressive Sanhok, not only for its size but also for the interesting terrain, colorful appearance and the landmarks. However, I’ll be giving Vikendi a go for a while purely for the novelty value.

  • Published Date: December 21, 2018 11:50 AM IST