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PUBG: Secret Basements have appeared in Erangel

Erangel is the oldest map on PUBG, and it has recently received a visual update. But it seems to have brought some new additions as well.

  • Published: June 19, 2019 10:30 AM IST
Erangel Basement 2

Battle royale game PUBG recently received an update which transformed the oldest map in the game. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been evolving since the day it has been launched, and right now the game is in a place where the updates just cannot be about adding new features, but about reworking the features that are already present in the game. Developers recently released a new video that talked about a bunch of changes that are set to hit the game soon. In the video, TS Jang, executive producer at PUBG Corp, detailed about the upcoming update to the PC version of the game. And one of the highlights was the visual update that has been given to Erangel.

Erangel is the oldest map in the game, as this was the map PUBG was launched with. It was not until a whole year that people got another map. Titled under the Erangel visual update, the team has updated the textures, grass and overhauled the map. The devs have tweeted that the Erangel visual update has now hit the PC Test servers. They will make changes with the feedback they receive from the community.

PUBG Erangel Secret Basements

After the update hit the servers, players have taken to Reddit to announce that they have found new basements around the map. These basements have entrances outside the buildings that need to be broken by shooting at them. The basements look like rebel strongholds with murals of a leader and propaganda text and material lying around. There are weapons and other loot to be found here as well.

PUBG ledge grab feature and BRDM vehicle

The rest of the video about the development update talks about the aspects of the game that are being reworked. Some new things are being added as well. The most exciting feature that has been teased is the ledge grab feature. This will allow players to catch onto a ledge when jumping towards it. This will open up new vistas of exploring the map and will help players evolve the combat of the game.

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The other new addition that is coming with this update is a new vehicle called the BRDM. The BRDM is an amphibious armored vehicle. It can take a punishment from enemies while traversing land and water. It looks like the armored transport vehicles that most forces have. Besides this the in-game experience will also include more weapon balancing updates. Seasons and upcoming content update is also one of the bigger aspects of the upcoming update. The Season 4 details will be released at a later date and so will the new update.

  • Published Date: June 19, 2019 10:30 AM IST