PUBG test patch adds bullet limb penetration and dynamic weather

The new update that hit the PC servers last week is now live on the Xbox Test Server.

  • Published: August 14, 2018 6:30 PM IST
PUBG_Limb penetration

Bluehole’s PUBG has now released the update for Xbox that hit the PC version a couple of weeks back. The new update brings with it some significant changes to the mechanics of the game. The update is now live on the test server for Xbox One.

There are many changes in the update 18 of the game which include a change in the bullet penetration works with limbs, and a new dynamic weather system has been added to the game on Xbox. Erangle will be getting a new Overcast weather mode and Miramar has a new Overcast mode along with a new Sunset mode. Overcast weather can turn into rain and fog anytime.

As for the new bullet penetration system, limbs will no longer stop bullets from hitting vital points in the body like the head and chest. This means that the bullet will hit the arm and go through to hit the head when the hand comes in between the head and the bullet.

Besides this, there are a few minor additions of buildings to both the maps and a whole lot of patches and bug fixes.

PUBG Update 18 Patch Notes

Spectate Mode

– When spectating a player, their aiming movement is now more in sync with the spectator view.


– Smoke and flames from vehicles have been optimized to improve frame rate.
– Server performance has been improved by adjusting the replication rate.
– Previously, replication for all visible characters in sight was refreshed every frame. Now, replication rate differs according to distance from the player.
– We expect approximately 15% increase in server performance.
– Network code has been adjusted to slightly increase server performance.
– Optimized CPU performance by improving the graphic rendering function.
– Optimized GPU resources to lower GPU burden and improve performance.
– Optimized attachment related rendering resources to improve performance.
– Optimized fog to increase performance.
– Optimized grass assets to reduce memory resources used and improve performance.
– Optimized the physics calculation of moving boats and moving vehicles on the beach.


– Decreased the volume of vehicle sounds for players inside vehicles in FPP mode

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Bug Fixes

– Settings will now be stored in online storage – Your settings will be saved even if there’s a new patch.
– Fixed an issue where destroying doors with frag grenades or molotovs did not display debris.
– Fixed an issue where a frying pan and a weapon could be held at the same time.
– Fixed an issue where spectating in FPP showed inaccurate character locations.
– Fixed an issue where leaning was possible while in an emote animation.
– Fixed an issue where two players moving in a small space could sometimes get stuck.
– Fixed an issue where the player character would perform jump motion for a short time when crouch key is rapidly pressed multiple times.
– Fixed an issue where reticle settings would be reset when the weapon was dropped and picked up again.
– Fixed an issue where the spectating camera would look through a character when the game finished.
– Reduced the chance of players encountering situations where opponent’s weapon floats in the air.
– Fixed an issue where throwables could pass through character models.
– Fixed an issue where voice chat UI would always be displayed when using killer spectating function under certain conditions.
– Fixed an issue which prevented players from changing the red dot reticle when using an SMG.
– Fixed an issue where the stun effect from the stun grenade was weaker than before.
– Fixed an issue where the camera angle rotates up to 180 degrees up/down in FPP and TPP mode when freefalling.
– Fixed an issue where the character would stand up and lie down repeatedly when moving uphill while lying down.
– Fixed an issue where some weapons could be seen through when a character is moving right while in ADS position and lying down.
– Fixed an issue where there was replay related text shown in the report pop-up window after dying.
– Fixed an issue where sprinting would stop when moving at a certain angle with the L-Stick

  • Published Date: August 14, 2018 6:30 PM IST