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PUBG update 27 is now live, brings Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card, new weapon MP5K

The new PUBG update was made live on the test servers last week.

  • Published: March 29, 2019 10:20 AM IST
PUBG Update 27

The newest update of PUBG which has been numbered 27 is now live on the main PC server. The new update brings a bit of everything that players wanted. The new update brings more loot on Erangel which has been one of the things that players wanted for the longest time, Flare Gun balances after the permanent introduction, buff to the M16A4 which makes it a more powerful weapon, a new weapon MP5K, and a new Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card with the new season. The new update wasmade live by PUBG Corp. on the test servers last week and is now playable right on the main PC servers.

The new weapon MP5K is a sub-machine gun chambered for 9mm ammunition which will be exclusive to Vikendi and will replace the Vector on that map. While the firing mechanics of the MP5K are similar to those of the Vector, it boasts a higher per bullet damage, but with a lower overall firing rate and DPS. This SMG also has a higher magazine capacity than the Vector, starting at 30 rounds by default with 40 rounds in an extended magazine.

The new Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card includes over 60 rewards which can be obtained within the 10 week pass duration. The new pass includes improved missions which will test players skills, an in-game feature which will provide tracking of missions in real-time and even new background music and lobby. Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card will run for 10 weeks from March 26 to June 4 and is set to cost $9.99.

There has been some heavy weapons balancing done in the new update which includes a buff to the M16A4 which now has decreased recoil, increased damage range and new attachments. changes have been made to the Vector, UMP45 and MK47 Mutant as well. The overall item spawn rates on Erangel has also been increased. On an average the loot spawn on Erangel has been increased for ARs by 12 percent, DMRs by 16 percent and SMGs by 14 percent. There have been balance changes to flare guns as well and the frequency and the loot from them have been decreased. Besides these there have been a lot of other balances and additions. Check them all out on the link in the tweet.

  • Published Date: March 29, 2019 10:20 AM IST