Qualcomm and NetEase announce continued collaboration: Don McGuire at ChinaJoy 2018

Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 845 processors are hitting the ball out of the park when it comes to gaming performance.

Don McGuire Qualcomm

ChinaJoy is a prominent annual gaming event that takes place in Shanghai. At this year’s event, smartphone chipmaker Qualcomm announced its continued relationship with Chinese game developing company NetEase games for its future ventures.

NetEase has developed some of the most popular games for the mobile platform like the mobile port of Minecraft, Knives Out, Hearthstone, Rules of Survival and many others. Qualcomm demonstrated the capabilities of its newest Snapdragon 845 processor at its booth in ChinaJoy 2018. The 10nm processor along with the newest Adreno 630 GPU gives you the freedom to play any of these games on your smartphone when you want to. In addition, it can also power VR headsets on the go.

“Qualcomm Technologies and NetEase Games have a long-standing relationship centered around advancing the mobile gaming ecosystem. Through this collaboration, we can utilize our Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platforms and NetEase’s mobile gaming expertise to allow players to be truly immersed in console-grade mobile gaming experiences,” said Gang Sun, vice president, sales and product marketing, Qualcomm International (Shanghai). “We’re excited about the potential for this effort to transform the future of mobile gaming.”

While Ethan (Yi) Wang, vice president, NetEase commented, “As one of the world’s leading game developers and producers, NetEase has committed to providing unique and superior gaming experiences for gaming lovers. NetEase has independently developed or published many hit mobile game titles in recent years, including Knives Out, Chu Liu Xiang and The Soul of Hunter, all of which achieved very good performance. In addition, the multithread advantages of Messiah, our in-house game engine, have significantly improved the performances of our games

The effort will combine both parties’ strengths in technology, R&D and brand, and help us provide gaming enthusiasts with the most popular, most exciting gaming experiences. Moreover, this collaboration will allow us to create refreshing game entertainment experiences based on the more advanced future 5G networks for users as early as possible, through Qualcomm Technologies’ expertise in 5G technology.”

Don McGuire, vice president of global product marketing for Qualcomm Technologies, outlined the importance of 5G technology in smartphone gaming, “With the rapid growth of the gaming industry in the world that is worth $109 billion right now, smartphone gaming has taken a center stage. People find playing games on phones convenient and easily accessible. Almost 75 percent of PC games have been ported to mobile and hence games like PUBG mobile has seen its popularity shoot up recently, especially in China,” he said.

“Qualcomm wants to make things easier for developers because mobile games generate more revenue than others. And with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, mobile gaming is faster, smoother, longer, cooler and smarter. The superior architecture of the Adreno 630 GPU combined with Gigabit LTE speeds will make gaming quite the experience.”

Qualcomm’s present push comes right after Huawei made bold claims about the latest Kirin processors from the company and Samsung making strides with its Exynos processors.

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Disclaimer: The writer is traveling to Shanghai for ChinaJoy 2018 Event on Qualcomm’s invite. Qualcomm had taken care of his travel and accommodation.

  • Published Date: August 12, 2018 5:39 PM IST