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New patent hints that new Sony PS4 controller might have a touchscreen

The new PS4 controller will be identical to the older one.

  • Published: November 13, 2018 11:30 AM IST
Sony PS4 controller

Image Credit: Pixabay

Sony’s PlayStation controller has mostly remained unchanged in all that times that it has been available and we are talking about a period of almost over 20 years. And this was mainly because both the users as well as Sony felt that the design of the controller works just fine. But there are new hints that there is a potentially big change coming for the PS4 controllers soon.

A new DualShockers report claims that Sony may well be on its way to replace the touch sensitive pad on the PS4 controllers with a touchscreen display. This will not be the first time that Sony has looked at interactive interface on controllers. And an example of this is the LED indicator on the present PS4 controllers that change color based on the game that is being played.

A touch screen could potentially open up new vistas in terms of representation of what is going on ingame. The touchscreen could be used to display ingame stats like inventory, or the minimap for instance. There could be other uses for it as well that include displaying things outside the game, like notifications.

The patent was apparently published in October but was only noticed this weekend and was initially filed in 2017. It looks identical to the controller released in 2013 with the only difference being that the touch pad is now referred to as the touch screen.

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This new controller could be part of the PlayStation 5 that we expect will release as soon as the end of next year.

  • Published Date: November 13, 2018 11:30 AM IST