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Sony PS5, upcoming Xbox could feature backward compatibility: Hellpoint Dev

The Xbox One and PS4 which are the present generation consoles, were not launched with backward compatibility.

  • Published: December 28, 2018 9:44 AM IST
Xbox PlayStation controllers

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Analysts and devs believe that the next-gen consoles from both Sony and Microsoft will come with backward compatibility. This seems to be a whole different scenario from the past where the console developers excused themselves from launching the presently available consoles, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with backward capability. That said, Microsoft has since launched backward capability. But older consoles from the companies did offer backward compatibility as default, like in the case of PS2 which ran all titles from PS1.

What analysts believe about the availability of backward compatibility for the next generation consoles is rooted in some of things that we have seen in the present generation. These include both the companies sticking to the x86 architecture despite x64 being the norm right now. And the very fact that both the companies have spent quite a bit, building up the digital ecosystems for the present generation. Science fiction RPG Hellpoint developer, Marc-André Jutras from Cradle Games who previously worked with the likes of Activision and Ubisoft believes that backward compatibility will be present from launch for both the consoles.

“The PlayStation I think will do it. I know, was it the Xbox 360 where they had a backward compatibility list with the original Xbox? They had to approve the game title by title? I think that was weird, and I hope it won’t be like that,” he said, in an interview with GamingBolt. “I prefer to have an emulator that will run all the games a console has, maybe with small bugs and glitches, instead of saying I have 50 games in my library and I can only play four of them because the others aren’t approved yet.”

He mentions that he was impressed by how every single game that was there in the Wii was playable with the Wii U. But he also mentions that he does not like that Nintendo has not made backward compatibility available for the Nintendo Switch.

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He speaks on the PS5 and says,”What I want from the PS5 is, Sony made some awesome exclusives, I mean I bought PS4 because Bloodborne was on console, and they got a whole sale for that one exclusive. And I think Microsoft has faltered in that area, though you look at how many developers Microsoft has bought in the last year, I think they finally figured out you need exclusives if you want to sell the console, and they need to be good… anyway, so I have hopes that the next generation of consoles will have great exclusives, and that Sony and Microsoft figure out that if you release a console that can play all the old games, you have a user base that is likelier to jump on board because they can play their huge catalog of games.”

  • Published Date: December 28, 2018 9:44 AM IST