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5 PUBG Mobile alternatives on Android

If you're looking for alternatives for PUBG Mobile, then this is the only list you'll need to see.

  • Published: December 5, 2018 8:26 AM IST
PUBG Mobile playing

PUBG Mobile has just been awarded the best game on Google Play, and been voted so by the people as well. Ever since the launch of the battle royale game PUBG last year, its popularity has been increasing rapidly. And after the launch of the mobile version earlier this year, it has been gathering a lot of attention as well.

PUBG Mobile has become the most popular game on Android, and is still pushing through with its regular updates. PUBG Mobile has been developed by Tencent Games, which is not the same team as the PUBG Mobile. But it does not lack any accuracy and depicts the PC game perfectly.

But the flaw with PUBG is that it requires a decent smartphone to be able to run things properly. Hence it is always good to have other options that could be possible replacements to PUBG Mobile as a game on Android. Following are five alternatives to PUBG on the Android platform.

Rules of Survival

Image Credit: Google Play

This game has taken close inspiration from PUBG Mobile and has a similar interface with similar items. There are a lot of vehicles in this game and even the gameplay is similar to PUBG Mobile. Some of the things that work in the favor of this game are its great weapon design and collection, great graphics, and easy controls.
Size: 1.8GB

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

Image Credit: Google Play

This is a huge battle royale game that has 121 people fight it out in each match. This game even offers players with the opportunity to use helicopters to travel from one place to another. Some of the things that work for this game are its smooth performance despite many players in each game, smooth voice communication, and easy controls.
Size: 312MB

Firing Squad Battleground

Image Credit: Google Play

This happens to be the closest game to PUBG Mobile in terms of content, and the whole game design. But the advantage here is that it is much smaller than PUBG Mobile. This has been done by using less impressive graphics. The things that work for this game is the very fact that it is extremely similar to PUBG Mobile.
Size: 68MB

Garena Free Fire

Image Credit: Google Play

The Garena Free Fire is a game that has less number of people drop in on the maps, it makes do by introducing some very good looking guns and an intuitive interface. The things that work for this game are its good looking weapons, good communication system, smooth graphics, great skins and cosmetics, big map, among other things.
Size: 250MB

Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

Image Credit: Google Play

This is a slightly different game because it employs boxy graphics, but it is a lot of fun nonetheless. It has a big open battlefield and players will have to reach the center of the map within 5 minutes or they die. The things that work in this game’s favor are a fresh boxy character look, clean graphics, and good fight mechanism.
Size: 93MB

  • Published Date: December 5, 2018 8:26 AM IST