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5 tips to help you win on PUBG's Erangel Map

All you need to know to win PUBG on the Erangel map.

  • Published: November 22, 2018 12:20 PM IST
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PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds from Bluehole is one of the most popular games in the world right now, and its presence on PC, Xbox and the mobile platform has proliferated its player base. PUBG was first launched with the Erangel map, which was the only map for almost a year before a new one was introduced. Erangel is still the official map for the tournaments even though it’s been a while since the release of Miramar.

Erangel is a grassland map, that has woods, urban areas and sea all around. It has been modeled after an abandoned Russian Military island surrounded by the Black Sea, and is ideal for medium to long-range combat. It measures 8x8kms in area, and is one of the two bigger maps available in the game. This map is named after Eryn, the daughter of PLAYERUNKNOWN. Over time, the map has seen some changes in weather with the introduction of fog, rain and clear, as well as time of day when the matches are held that include sunrise, sunset and midday. Today we will be suggesting measures to take so that winning becomes easy on Erangel.

Choosing the drop location

Choosing the ideal drop location is important on any map. Though it varies from player-to-player, it is generally understood that a drop location with relatively less enemies is always a good idea. For example there are players who feel that dropping in hot zones like Pochinki, School and Millitary Base is a good way to begin the game, given a lot of loot is available quickly, but these places attract a lot of players that make for unexpected firefight. Some players may get guns quickly while others don’t.

On the other hand, dropping on relatively smaller places that are further away from the path of the plane like the northern side of Georgopol, Yasnaya, Lipovka, Severny, Primorsk, Novorepnoye and Shooting Range is always a good idea.  These areas do have enough loot and vehicles, and also don’t attract as many players as the hot zones.

Making sure there are vehicles around

Erangel is a very big map, and without vehicles the circle can be difficult to reach. Hence it is always a good idea to make sure the place you are dropping has a vehicle nearby. Some regions of the map have very few vehicles around even though they have good loot like Gatka, North Georgopol, Primorsk. And since these places are on corners of the map it may be difficult to reach the safe zone on foot.

Avoid bridges

Bridges are an essential part of this map because they control direct traffic to essential regions of the map. Almost every game on Erangel will have a few players camping on bridges to kill people who are crossing. And so it is recommended to avoid them if you are not early enough. To avoid such situations we always suggest you loot quick, and go to the beach and look for speedboats to cross. We say early, because other players would also want to use boats, and there aren’t many of them available.

Using terrain to your advantage

Erangel is a grassy map and has a lot of trees. This makes it ideal for sneaking about while using the tall grass and trees as cover. Always remember to keep cover on at least one side with a tree when going prone in the grass. This will make sure that you have a cover to hide quickly if you are spotted.

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Avoid proning in open fields

Though tall grass seem ideal places to lie down in wait for that unsuspecting player to come by, there are disadvantages too. You may be using the highest graphics settings and seem well hidden in that wheat field, but remember there may be a player on low graphics settings who will easily be able to spot you in that open field courtesy of the fewer grass elements.

  • Published Date: November 22, 2018 12:20 PM IST