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Women may be better gamers than men, according to this AI-driven research by a startup

The new AI based virtual assistant from has been one that analyzes the actions of gamers to the minutest of detail to offer personalized recommendations.

  • Published: April 25, 2019 3:48 PM IST
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Many male gamers have long languished with the ideology that women make for inferior gamers, but it seems there is new research that claims that this conception might be faulty. A startup named which has developed a new AI assistant to help gamers get better statistics and improve skills based on that data. And it has even managed to raise $1.9 million as funding for the project. This AI uses machine learning to analyzes matches and makes personal recommendations for individual gamers. The team at has been using this virtual assistant to conduct certain interesting research. This new AI will for the first time, allow researchers to find out exactly what makes a gamer good and what does not. has surveyed close to 5,000 gamers playing Dota 2 to get a better understanding of the conditions and factors that make for a better or worse gamer. And in this research stretched the only 4 percent of respondents to the survey were women, and researchers noticed that despite the low turnout, the ones that did respond had a 44 percent higher win rate on average than their male counterparts.

Though this isn’t exactly a scientific study, the survey does present facts that call for some controversial conclusions. Besides this, the study also found that those players that had a better understanding of foreign languages had a tougher time improving their gaming skills. The other factors that affect the increase or decrease of game ratings of players are university degrees which means a lower rating growth, and refraining from travel and playing sports increase the game ratings faster. And what can only be called obvious, having a job also decreases the growth of the rating.

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In terms of competitors, the main ones that has are Mobalytics, Dojo Madness and MoreMMR. While these competitors analyze the raw statistics of players and the games they play, finding general weak spots in turn and recommending changes. analysis goes down to the detail and happens to calculate and analyze even the smallest actions by the gamer including mouse movement. This has prompted the creators to call this a virtual assistant over a general app to recommend changes to player gameplay.

  • Published Date: April 25, 2019 3:48 PM IST