2017 Best Nine: Here’s how you can see your top 9 Instagram posts of last year

Did you see your best nine Instagram posts of 2017 yet?


Have you been seeing a lot of people posting that nine picture grid, calling it their #2017BestNine? Well, it has quickly become a thing, and you can get it too.

Since it is not a feature by Instagram, people are still figuring out how to get that grid of top pictures, and many of them are just putting together a collage of nine pictures, and sharing it. The 2017 Best Nine, on the other hand, shows you your most liked pictures of 2017, along with the likes that you received on all of those nine posts, among the total posts you shared this year.

Here’s how you can go about it. Head to on your phone or desktop, and plug in your Instagram handle. Few seconds later, the site will scan your feed to locate the nine most-liked posts from the year, and arrange them in chronological order in a grid image that you can easily save to your device. Though if you’d prefer to keep that a secret you can simply tap “Photo only version” and it’ll disappear.

Do note that if your account is private, this wouldn’t work for you, because then the website won’t be able to access your profile. Therefore, you could open your profile for all for the meanwhile that you make the grid, and turn it back to private after that. We’d like to see your 2017 Best Nine posts. Why don’t you put them up on Instagram and tag us too. Our handle: @bgrindia

  • Published Date: January 2, 2018 2:10 PM IST