Google Search history: Wipe your slate clean

Here is how you can delete your search history on Google.

  • Published: November 12, 2018 9:26 AM IST

Google and other tech companies are facing some kind of reckoning where they are looking to give the control back to their users. The search giant, in particular, allows users to granually control the data shared with its products and even delete them. The Sundar Pichai-led company recently announced that users can delete Google search history, which includes all the data collected by the company as part of web search.

Google users can now review and delete their search history, stored by Google with just few clicks. The setting, which was previously available via Google’s My Activity page, is now available directly from the search page. Here is how you can delete your search history from the new settings page:

How to delete search history on mobile

One of the easiest way to delete your search history is from your mobile phone. On your smartphone, tap on the hamburger icon (or three lines) on the left side of Google search page. Now, head over to “Your data in Search” option, where you will see the recent queries as well as option to delete the search history.

The setting provides option to delete search history from the past hour or wipe the entire search history. If you don’t want Google to retain any of your search history then tap on the second option.

How to delete search history on desktop

You can delete the search history from settings on desktop. In order to achieve the same on desktop, head over to Settings from any search page and follow the steps described previously for mobile device. Google also allows users to reach the settings page by clicking on the link titled “Control your data in Google Search” under the search bar.

Deleting search history is just part of the process

It is important to know that Google knows more about you than probably are aware of it. Deleting search history is just a part of this process and most importantly, users must know that search history is different from your browser history. The browser history is the data tracked by your service provider as well as the platform hosting the service.

Google collects data of users for product customization across services like Maps and Search. It also uses cookies to track users across other platform, especially via ads hosted using its service.

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Other options included with new search hub

While Google allows users to delete search history, the new privacy hub added by the search giant also includes options to control personalization of ads and tracking activity across Google’s sites. Google plans to include similar quick access options in its app for iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

  • Published Date: November 12, 2018 9:26 AM IST