Facebook Friends Day: How to create and share 'Friends Awards' with personalized videos

As Facebook celebrates its 14th Birthday, it is letting users to create personalized videos for their friends and share on the social media site. Here's how to go about it.

facebook friends day

Facebook celebrates its birthday on February 4 every year, and this year, the social media giant celebrated by marking it as ‘Friends Day.’ The company also announced ‘Friends Awards’ wherein users can post a personalized video, which includes a series of short films to highlight five remarkable friendships from across the globe. Facebook also introduced three new unique camera filers for people to share photos with friends.

Facebook also highlighted some of its findings, according to which an average of 750 million new friendships are formed on Facebook daily. In 2017, the company saw twice the number of posts about friendships, compared to 2016, with over 600 million Friendversary videos shared. In the past year, celebrating birthdays and friendships were among the top user activities on Facebook, followed by sharing means and watching their favorite TV shows.

To celebrate ‘Friends Day,’ Facebook wants you to take some time out and show a little gratitude towards your friends with Friends Awards. There are some pre-made videos along with friends, or you can use the template – such as great listener, bestie, and knows how to make me laugh, among others.

When you login to Facebook on your desktop or smartphone app, you’ll be able to see the message to create ‘Friends Awards’ on the top of News Feed. But if you missed the message, here’s how to create one.

Create ‘Friends Awards’ on smartphone and web

Open Facebook app on your smartphone, and in the search box type ‘Friends Day.’ You’ll see the first result, with caption “see your friend awards’ and an arrow on the right, tap on that.

Once the page opens, you’ll see a short film highlighting key friendship moments you spent with your friends. Below the video, you’ll see a share button, allowing you to share the video as a post on your timeline.

And as you slide towards the left, you will see other categories, such as a super enthusiastic friend who commented the most on your posts, a friend that loved your posts, a friend who has been a great company – the one with whom you have most check-ins, and so on. You can share these on their timeline, or send them as a direct message via messenger.

While these are pre-defined by Facebook, you also have an option to ‘create your own award’ for a friend. Simply slide those cards to the left, and you will find one to create your own award, tap on that. In the next step, you need to choose a friend from the list, followed by choosing an award from the list. By Facebook will take your friend’s profile photo, but you can replace that with something else too.

To create ‘Friends Awards’ on web, head over to and you will have the same options as on the mobile app. Go ahead, create ‘Friends Awards’ and show some gratitude towards your friends.

  • Published Date: February 5, 2018 1:20 PM IST