How to use ‘Sleep Mode’ feature on Facebook Messenger Kids

Activating sleep mode will ensure that the app will not be accessible to kids during the set hours.

  • Published: April 30, 2018 10:02 AM IST
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In December 2017, social media giant Facebook launched the Messenger Kids app, which was “co-developed” with parents, kids and experts through conversations with NGOs. The app is designed for kids under 13 years of age, with an aim to help them safely message and video chat with family and friends, and it can only be controlled from parent’s Facebook account. As of now, the app is only available in the US for Android and iOS platforms.

Facebook has now added a new “Sleep Mode” feature to the app to ensure it is not accessible to kids during the set hours. The feature is designed to offer more control to parents, allowing them to set a predetermined off time on the child’s device. When the mode is active, kids cannot play with creative camera, they won’t receive any notifications, they can’t send and receive messages or make video calls.

“Parents told us they would like controls that make the app inaccessible at a certain time like during dinner, homework time or bedtime. We took this feedback to heart and built a feature that gives that level of control to parents,” Tarunya Govindarajan, product manager at Facebook wrote on the company’s blog post.

Watch: How to set Sleep Mode on Facebook Messenger Kids

How to set up, activate and use “Sleep Mode” feature

Step One

Open Facebook app and head over to Messenger Kids control.

Step Two

Tap on the Sleep Mode in the App Controls section.

Step Three

Now, set the time when you want the app to turn off. You can also set different times for weekdays and weekends. Once the timings are set, you don’t need to constantly monitor and change as it will remain as is till you don’t turn off or change the timing.

Besides adding “Sleep Mode,” parents can also add and remove contacts, delete the child’s account, or create a new one from the control panel itself. Facebook also recommends that you sit down with your kids and talk about the time limit that you have set, and the boundaries of using the technology.

  • Published Date: April 30, 2018 10:02 AM IST