How to bring back the missing 'View Image' and 'Search by Image' buttons on Google search

All you need is a simple Chrome extension.

  • Published: February 21, 2018 11:17 AM IST
bring back google image search button

After inking a deal with Getty Images last week, Google tweaked its image search, making it easier for original publishers to protect their copyright images. The change removes ‘View Image’ and ‘Search by Image’ buttons from Google image search, and users will no longer be able to save copyright images.

While publishers are happy with the move, there are those who are likely disappointed. Clicking on the “View Image” button in search results would directly open the file in a new tab. The “Search by Image” button, on the other hand, was based on object recognition that would search for similar patterns, and present results with related photos. Now, while both of these options are officially gone, third-party tools can easily bring those buttons back to life.

Official workaround to view images

There is an official workaround to view images without any third-party add-ons. On any browser, head over to Google, type whatever image you want to look for in the search box. Click on the image from the search results, and it will zoom in.

Now, if you want to view the full resolution image, right click on it and then click on “Open Image in a new tab.” It will now open the high-resolution image without loading the source website. In case you want to save the image, right click and click on ‘Save Image As.”

Using third-party tools

If you’re used to the old buttons, there are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extensions made by third-party developers that you can install. Called View Image, and built by Joshua B, you can find these on Chrome web store and Firefox add-ons store.

Once these extensions are installed, you will be able to see the ‘View Image’ and ‘Search by Image’ buttons on Google Image search results. We hope you liked this tutorial. For more such tips and tricks, don’t forget to visit our How To section.

  • Published Date: February 21, 2018 11:17 AM IST