How to use the new Pinch to Zoom feature for Instagram Stories

The new feature will let you can share images or videos in their original dimensions.


Last month when Instagram launched the GIF stickers for stories, it also promised to solve the long-occurring problem of adding wide images to Instagram. Keeping its promise, Instagram has started to rollout a new ‘Pinch to Zoom’ feature for Instagram Stories.

Up till now, if you uploaded square or landscape images, more often than not, half of the image was cropped, with either some people’s faces getting cut, or you losing on the beauty angle of a landscape you shot. There was no in-built feature to even even move the image around, if not zoom it out. Yes, you could use a third party app like Squaready to add borders to the image, but that doubled the hassle of using of space in your phone for an extra app, and always needing to edit before you can post.

However, with Pinch to Zoom now being rolled out, you can share images or videos in their original dimensions. Any extra room will be filled with a custom color gradient that matches what you’ve shared.


Instagram has lately been on a roll with new features. The company recently added the ability to schedule posts for Business profiles, a text-only feature for stories called Type, GIF stickers feature to Stories, which sources animated stickers from GIPHY.

While these are the ones that are new to the platform, Instagram is believed to simultaneously working on some new features as well. One of these is borrowed straight from Snapchat’s books, which is a screenshot alert. Every time someone takes a screenshot of your Instagram Story you will be notified. However, Instagram will apparently be a little lenient, with letting you off with a warning the first time, and the next time it would send an alert. The platform is also working on a video calling feature, and a feature that will tell users who visited their profile in last seven days.

  • Published Date: February 7, 2018 1:31 PM IST