Instagram’s activity status feature goes live, here’s how to opt out of it

Instagram is testing a feature that shows when and how long ago you were active on the app.


Yesterday, we reported that Instagram is testing a new feature within the app, which will show the time stamp of when you were last active. Instagram has now started to roll out the feature official for both iOS and Android users. If you haven’t received the feature, it is because the rollout is phased, so it will reach you soon.

However, like we mentioned in our earlier report, the feature does not seem to be working the same way for all users, while some see the last active timestamp on the Direct Message, we have only been able to spot it when you click an image or a video and open the list of friends to send it to. But we are assuming, it will be out for all users similarly, soon.

But, wherever your last active is being shown, we are sure that it is not something everybody would be comfortable with. After all, remember how we desperately waited for a rollout, when WhatsApp was rumored to introduce a feature that let you hide your last seen and blue ticks?

Fortunately, even with the test, Instagram is allowing you to hide your last seen. So for any of you who have the test feature on you Insta app, here’s a very simple way to hide it.


All you have go to do, is head to your profile and open settings. There just continue to scroll down until you spot ‘Show activity status’. Just toggle that off. Now no one can sneak on you, or at least know when you were last active on the app. (Does that even matter anymore now that we are updating every minute of our day ourselves?)


Besides the activity status, Instagram is testing two more features. One of which is a text-only form in Stories, where you can place your words against colorful gradient backgrounds. The option also gives you a chance to play around with images with the color gradients still layered on top.

The second is borrowed straight from Snapchat’s books, which is a screenshot alert. Every time someone takes a screenshot of your Instagram Story you will be notified. However, Instagram will apparently be a little lenient, with letting you off with a warning the first time, and the next time it would send an alert.

  • Published Date: January 19, 2018 3:00 PM IST