How to run two WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook accounts on Realme C1

The Realme C1 does not include ‘Clone Apps’ feature, but here’s a workaround.

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In just seven months since beginning smartphone operations, Realme has already launched five devices. The Realme C1, which is an entry-level smartphone, packs a lot of features – such as dual rear cameras, a notched display, and big battery among others; something that you won’t find on competing smartphones. However, it being an entry-level smartphone, some features like a fingerprint scanner are missing.

The Realme C1 is a dual SIM smartphone, and most devices that include dual SIM functionality also come with dual apps or clone apps feature. It allows you to run two WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook accounts on one device – out of which one could be linked to your personal number or profile, and other to the official number. However, the same feature has been missing from the Realme C1.

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On Realme community forum, the Realme clarified that won’t be implementing ‘Clone Apps’ feature. “The reason is due to the shortage of RAM. Clone Apps itself needs RAM to run in the background, and so require the applications which have been cloned,” the company said. Yet, if you still looking for a way to run two WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook accounts on your Realme C1, there is a neat trick to do it.

There are apps like Parallel Space, Dual Space and 2Accounts to name a few, that are free to download from Google Play Store. Install one of these apps, and after giving the required permissions, you can setup the second WhatsApp or Facebook or Telegram account. Do note that these apps show ads from time to time, so it could get a little annoying at times.

Also, every time you want to access the other account, you will have to open the app (say Parallel Space), and then run the app. I tried it on the Realme C1, and while the Clone Apps feature works, it does slow down the phone a bit, which as Realme said, is due to shortage of RAM.

  • Published Date: January 18, 2019 4:40 PM IST