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A Samsung Galaxy S8 wrapped under fidget spinners is dropped from a drone, because why not

Can fidget spinners protect a Samsung Galaxy S8 survive a drop test from 100 feet?


Samsung Galaxy S8 and fidget spinners are two of the most talked about products these days. The Galaxy S8 is a beautiful looking phone, but at the same time, it is also fragile. So can a bunch of fidget spinners wrapped around the Galaxy S8 help the smartphone survive a drop test? Turns out, some folks had enough time in hand to try and find out.

The folks at GizmoSlip essentially wrapped a Samsung Galaxy S8 under $1,000 (Rs 65,000 approximately) worth of fidget spinners. In the video below, the team shows the whole process of making the cover for the phone using just a hot glue gun and a whole lot of fidget spinners. Keeping the Galaxy S8 in the center, they cover every inch of the device with a lot of fidget spinners. Finally, when the fidget spinner case was ready, they dropped the weird looking thing from a height of 100 feet from a drone.

The aftermath!


The fidget spinner and the Samsung Galaxy S8 hit the ground with a loud thud, with the spinners disintegrating and debris flying around in every direction. After the test, 40 fidget spinners survived the drop test. And well, the Galaxy S8 did not. The Galaxy S8 was badly damaged with the back and the front glass shattered. As the host in the video explains, the Galaxy S8 looks like it has been hit by a “sledgehammer from one side.” The team tried to switch on the phone and surprisingly, the phone does turn on. Though it is not in a working condition, the phone is a little responsive even after the drop test. ALSO READ: Samsung Galaxy S8 camera review: A closer look at the front and rear camera on the newest flagship out there

Well, this is not the first time the team at GizmoSlip is trying its hands at such crazy experiments. As you can see in the above video, the team did another crazy test to see if the 1,000MPH fidget spinner can shatter the Galaxy S8’s Infinity Display.

  • Published Date: May 24, 2017 4:56 PM IST

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