AdultSwine malware could invade your children’s phones with pronographic images

Google has immediately removed 60 apps from the Play Store that were infected by the malware.

  • Published: January 13, 2018 2:29 PM IST

A new kind of malware is trying to seep in your phones! Called AdultSwine, this Android malware causes apps to display popups, and tries to get people to download fake antivirus apps, or sign up for premium SMS services. In addition, as the name would have you assume, it shows up unsolicited pronographic images on a device.

First discovered and reported by security firm CheckPoint, AdultSwine was found in apps named “Drawing Lessons Angry Birds,” “Temple Crash Jungle Bandicoot,” “Fidget Spinner Toy,” and more. The apps had between 3.5 and 7 million downloads combined, according to Play Store estimates. Fortunately, the security firm immediately informed Google, and 60 apps were removed from the Play Store that were infected by the malware.

However, while Google has taken the necessary action to stop any further device to be infected by AdultSwine, the devices that have already been infected cannot really be reversed by Google. But for precaution, Google said that it will display a strong warning for anyone who tries to download the app now. That said, considering, a majority of these are children’s app, kids may still download these apps when unmonitored, and easily avoid the warning.

The security firm, though says, Google scans every app that enters the Play Store for malicious code, but it is still hard to catch bad actors. CheckPoint explains that it can be hard to catch these types of malware because, “(…) some nasty code can only be detected by dynamically analyzing the context of an app’s actions, which is hard to do.”

CheckPoint has warned that AdultSwine will be back. “‘AdultSwine’ and other similar malware will likely be continually repeated and imitated by hackers,” the firm told CNBC. “Users should be extra vigilant when installing apps, particularly those intended for use by children.”

  • Published Date: January 13, 2018 2:29 PM IST