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After Instagram, Facebook now lets you archive Stories for later

You can now archive Facebook Stories in order to use them later.

  • Published: July 6, 2018 1:46 PM IST
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Instagram Stories is one of the most popular features on the photo-sharing application. Looking at its popularity, even Facebook duplicated the feature on its own platform calling it Facebook Stories. Now, just like Instagram, Facebook will also allow users to archive their Stories.

Introduced last year by Instagram, the archive feature lets you save your Story on the app before it disappears forever by the end of 24 hours. It is easy to use and works with both video and photo posts. Once saved, users have the option to use these posts again whenever they want or simply use them at a later stage.

It’s also good to know that Stories aren’t saved on the device. They are essentially saved on the app, meaning you can get access to them on any device you login with. After archiving a story, you can also keep it there for as long as you want. That said, you also have the option to save the picture or video on your phone storage if you want to.

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Facebook announced the archive for Story feature back in May, along with a few other features including Voice posts and the ability to save photos and videos from the Facebook Camera. Voice posts basically allows the user to share a photo post with a recorded audio clip on top of it. While the latter feature allows users to click and save pictures and videos on Facebook, only to be used later. This feature is also similar to the draft feature on Instagram.

  • Published Date: July 6, 2018 1:46 PM IST