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After Mi Pen, Xiaomi now launches Mi Umbrella for $10

After Mi Pen, Xiaomi has now launches an umbrella. The Mi Umbrella adorns a special fabric with water resistance that easily shakes off water droplets from it.


Apart from launching smartphones, IoT devices and smart TVs, Xiaomi’s incubated startups have been launching products that you won’t expect from a technology company. Last month Xiaomi launched the Mi Pen, a portable mosquito repeller among other things. Now Xiaomi has launched an umbrella, which is priced at $10.

Just like the Mi Pen, the Mi Umbrella from Xiaomi, is not a smart device. A Chinese news portal My Drivers writes that the product is called “goods Luo Qing umbrella”. It is made out of a Taiwanese carom cloth, which offers good shade and high durability. Also, the special cloth makes it easy to shake off all the water droplets from the Umbrella. Additionally, the Xiaomi Umbrella has an additional Teflon coating, which along with superior water resistance, offers protection from harmful UV rays.

The umbrella weighs about 228 grams, it is 24 cm long and is lean with a thickness of just 3 cm (when folded). When opened, the umbrella spreads to open at a radius of up to 47 cm. It easily wraps up into a handy size which is easy to carry around. Umbrella’s handle also features non-slip friction material, that allows a good grip around it.

After Mi Pen, Xiaomi now launches Mi Umbrella for $10

It is surprising that Xiaomi, which is globally known for its smartphones, is now venturing into ‘non-smart’ lifestyle products. Just last week, Xiaomi launched a Mi Pen, which was essentially high quality stationery product, but no way a smart device. The Mi Pen is a regular refillable pen that uses Swiss PREMEC refills, along with Japanese mikuni ink, which is a quick-drying ink. This special Japanese ink, claims Mijia, dries up easily, does not fade or break and gives silky smooth hand writing. The pen is available in two colors, black and white, and costs under $3, which is about Rs 200.

  • Published Date: August 4, 2016 12:30 PM IST
  • Updated Date: August 4, 2016 12:35 PM IST