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Airlines like SpiceJet, Vistara may soon offer in-flight Wi-Fi: Report

TRAI recently released a recommendation to allow in-flight Wi-Fi services.

  • Published: February 7, 2018 12:59 PM IST

Most of us are now used to the drill of boarding a flight and switching our smartphones and laptops to the airplane mode during take off after the air steward/ess prompts (a couple of times). At least that’s what happens in our domestic flights. However, you may not have to do that soon.

As reported by The Hindu Business Line, some domestic airline carriers have shared affirmative responses to the long-ongoing plea to allow in-flight Wi-Fi. Reportedly, Ajay Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, SpiceJet recently told a television channel that SpiceJet would “absolutely and most definitely” look at having Wi-Fi on board its aircraft, and that it would try to bring it on board “as soon as possible”.

Apparently, Vistara too confirmed similar plans, which was reported saying that, “We continually review our product offerings, and this will be reviewed as part of that process as well.”

Presently, the use of mobile phones and internet are prohibited on commercial flights in the Indian airspace. Airlines which already offer Wi-Fi for passengers have to switch off the facility when they enter Indian airspace.

With TRAI’s decision in favor of in-flight Wi-Fi, international airlines are also hoping to cash in on the latent demand for Wi-Fi connectivity which is being seen among Indians.

“Yes, Indian travellers are increasingly looking to stay connected during their travel – for work or leisure,” a Singapore Airlines spokesperson was quoted as saying.

The reason behind the excitement around Wi-Fi in the Indian airspace is two folds. From a consumer’s perspective, a study by the consultancy Roland Berger on internet connectivity on airlines globally points out that internet access is one of the top three criteria people look for when choosing a flight, adding that 2-3 passengers are prepared to pay more to have internet access in the air. Another Global Passenger survey conducted by IATA in 2015 shows that, out of 7,300 passengers, 36 percent said they were willing to pay for internet access in-flight.

The reason being that hundreds of people travel for work everyday, and with the absence of any internet connectivity they find themselves at a loss of productivity.

The second aspect to this is an airline’s perspective. Providing Wi-Fi on board is a good source of ancillary revenue for the airline industry, and this is one segment that airlines are increasingly looking at to add to their profits. As The Hindu Business Line reports, Ajay Singh says that Wi-Fi should add significantly to ancillary revenues for SpiceJet (which are a little over 16 per cent currently). The airline hopes to increase this to about 20 per cent in the next year.

Finally, while the recommendation to allow the service is certainly positive, what still remains uncertain is the pricing of the services. Reportedly, Airlines such as Singapore and Lufthansa maintain that their Wi-Fi services have been very well received by both business and leisure flyers in India, however, there is no clarity on the pricing since there is no final word on when this service will be available.

  • Published Date: February 7, 2018 12:59 PM IST