Amazon Alexa app for Android gets voice control

Amazon Alexa app can now respond to user queries with voice commands similar to Echo speakers.

  • Published: January 22, 2018 4:41 PM IST
Amazon Alexa App feat

Amazon is bringing its Alexa voice commands to the main Alexa app for Android. The e-commerce giant had added voice commands to its Music and Shopping apps earlier, and it is now turning the Alexa app into an Echo-style speaker capable of voice.

With the addition of voice commands to Alexa app on Android, users can ask Alexa on their phone to find restaurants nearby just like Echo and Echo Dot. The app can also be used to purchase gadgets from Best Buy or find what movies are playing in your town. Since Echo devices except Echo Show and Echo Spot lack screen, the updated Alexa app becomes even more useful with the ability to show on-screen responses and gives visual details about upcoming weather or sports updates.

The updated app can also show calendar appointments among other useful notifications. The update should roll out to Android users in the coming days, and the company is promising an iOS update with voice support soon.

Amazon Alexa continues to remain the best selling smart speaker with a market share of over 70 percent in the United States. With Alexa and its plethora skills, Amazon has been able to capture a large share of the connected home market. By expanding Alexa to its supplementary apps, Amazon is putting Alexa everywhere which would help the assistant learn more and respond better.

Amazon has already started selling its Alexa-enabled speakers through Whole Foods Market, which it acquired in August last year. The company is involved in a two way battle with Google, which also sells its own Assistant-powered smart speakers in the market.

Amazon has also started selling Alexa-powered Echo speakers in India, but the voice control feature is only available in the US. The feature should be extended to more markets once they are tuned to local language.

  • Published Date: January 22, 2018 4:41 PM IST