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Amazon Alexa app revamped with easier smart home controls

Amazon Alexa app gets major visual overhaul as it aims to simplify the process of controlling connected devices.

  • Published: October 8, 2018 5:37 PM IST

Source: Techcrunch

Amazon’s Alexa app has received a major design overhaul with a focus around making it easier for consumers to control their smart home devices. The app now has a new devices tab from which users can view all their different Alexa-enabled devices. The section will also highlight all groups of devices in a single screen.

The approach simplifies the user experience from a previous screen where users would need to switch between tabs to access all of their Alexa-enabled devices. While the app simplifies the way you control all of your smart home devices, it is also getting a much needed visual overhaul. Instead of a set of white icons placed on a dark background, Alexa gets more colorful background across sections like Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom. The idea behind this visual overhaul is to help users pick the setting they want by simply glancing at the colorful background.

Alexa and Alexa-enabled devices are now entering more houses around the world than ever before. Those using Alexa-enabled devices are also bringing home more devices that further support the ecosystem of devices like smart lights, plugs, security cameras to name a few. The overhaul of the devices section will make most sense to those who have a number of devices communicating with Alexa in their home.

At an event last month, Amazon announced a bunch of new Alexa devices including updated Echo Dot and Echo Show. The company also sells devices like Echo Link, which can convert old analog devices into smart Alexa-enabled device. It also sells new devices like the Cloud Cam, Ring doorbells and Ring cameras, which are smart and can be controlled using Alexa.

The new version of the app now shows icons across the top of the screen, starting with Echo and Alexa devices followed by Lights, Audio, Plugs and others. This section is followed by colorful groupings of devices by room, each with their own “On/Off” button and users can easily add new devices by tapping the “+” button at the top right of the screen.

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Amazon has not made any formal announcement of the revamped app or its availability but TechCrunch reports that it is already live on the iOS App Store. It is likely still rolling out to users but there is no word on its availability on Android just yet.

  • Published Date: October 8, 2018 5:37 PM IST