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Amazon Alexa gets voice interaction support on iOS, challenges Siri

Now you can simply say "Alexa, find me restaurants nearby" on your iPhone and iPad.

  • Published: August 10, 2018 6:18 PM IST
Amazon Alexa App feat

Amazon has announced the release of Alexa voice interaction in the Alexa app for iOS. The feature will now work across iPhones and iPads and customers on iOS devices can access all the skills that are available with Alexa.

With Alexa voice interaction on iOS, Apple users can simply bypass Siri and use Alexa for interaction. Alexa can do things like control your connected home, listen to music, ask questions, Alexa calling and even use voice to access skills available on the platform. The digital assistant designed by Amazon can also help finding restaurants and movies around them.

In order to converse with Alexa, the iOS users simply need to tap on the Alexa button and say “show me restaurants nearby” or “what movies are playing near me today?”. The app can also show on-screen responses so customers can see additional details for things like weather forecasts, sports scores, timing for a movie and calendar appointments.

In the race for dominance in digital assistants, Amazon is already ahead of its rivals Google and Apple. Amazon sells more smart connected speakers equipped with its Alexa digital assistant and has reportedly over 75 percent market share. It has also started expanding the availability of Alexa to rivals platforms as it aims to push its assistant to any use case scenarios.

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Alexa voice interaction was recently made available on Android and the digital assistant even comes preloaded on some smartphones running Google’s mobile operating system. By extending it to iOS, Amazon is entering into an area where there are real users making use of digital assistants for their interaction.

  • Published Date: August 10, 2018 6:18 PM IST