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Amazon Alexa joins IPL fever with new cricket skills

Amazon Alexa gets new cricket skills from leading IPL teams along with trivia feature.

  • Published: April 12, 2018 4:31 PM IST
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It is the Indian Premier League season and tech companies don’t want to feel left behind as the country joins the craze around Twenty20 cricket event. First telecom operators announced new data plans that offered more data than before as an attempt to get smartphone users to stream the matches on their mobile device. Then tech companies decided to become principal sponsor for major teams while Snapchat released official Snapcodes for four teams and confirmed that certain exclusive content from IPL will appear in its Discover platform.

It is now turn of Amazon and its digital assistant Alexa to get into this ongoing cricket fever. Amazon has announced Alexa is now armed with knowledge about the various teams, players, match schedules and trivia. It adds that popular teams such as Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Mumbai Indians (MI) have launched their own Alexa Skill. With the introduction of these skills, Alexa and Amazon Echo users can get the latest updates and news from these teams by just asking Alexa.

“Using just your voice, you can track your favorite team’s progress through the entire IPL season. Watch out for ‘RCB Insider’ in the RCB skill and the weekly podcast by KKR,” the company said in a statement. With the new synergy being introduced between IPL and Echo devices, users can ask questions like “Alexa, when is the next IPL match?” and “Alexa, when is the IPL final?”

In case you missed a match, Alexa can get you up to date with “Alexa, what’s the match report/update?” and users can also follow-up with questions like “Alexa, who won man of the match in the last game?” Other such questions include “Alexa, who scored the highest in last match?”, “Alexa, who took most wickets in the match?” and “Alexa, how much did Kohli score in the match?”

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For an ongoing match, Alexa is capable of telling who is batting or bowling and answer more intricate question like “How many sixes did Kohli hit?” or “Alexa, what’s the projected score?” in addition to answering trivia questions about teams and players. If you are curious, then just ask Alexa to open Cricket Assistant skill to get started and you can even check your own cricket knowledge by asking “Alexa, play the Daily Cricket Trivia.”

  • Published Date: April 12, 2018 4:31 PM IST