Amazon launches Alexa Guard turning Echo in a security system

With the launch of this new feature, Amazon is turning its Echo lineup of speakers in a smart security system.

  • Published: September 21, 2018 4:05 PM IST
Amazon Alexa 805

Amazon launched a new feature known as ‘Alexa Guard’ at its event in Seattle. With the launch of this new feature, Amazon is turning its Echo lineup of speakers into a smart security system. As a part of this new feature, Echo speakers can now send users a notification on their smartphones in case they listen to the sound of a broken glass or the carbon monoxide or smoke alarm go off at home in the absence of the user. The speakers can also be programmed to send the notification to any professional monitoring system.

According to The Verge, this feature will not work all the time and instead, users can enable this whenever they leave their home. To enable this feature, users simply need to tell Alexa that they are leaving the home so Echo speakers can start monitoring the home. The thing to note here is that this system is not limited to monitoring sound and sending notifications as the report pointed. Alexa can also randomize the lighting in the house when the user is not present, which will make it look like someone is present in the house and moving around.

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Amazon added that Alexa will control the lighting to ensure that the randomization “seems normal” with the help of machine learning. One thing to note here is that this will only work if the user has smart lights setup and paired with Amazon Alexa.

The company also added that it will integrate Alexa Guard with other third-party smart security products including the products from Blink and Ring. Though it is unclear about the level of integration that Amazon is talking about. Amazon did add that informing Alexa that the user is leaving home will automatically inform the home security system about the same information. Talking about the Indian market, it is unclear if or when the company may launch this feature as smart homes systems are yet to go mainstream.

  • Published Date: September 21, 2018 4:05 PM IST