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Amazon patent reveals its own video streaming service called Amazon Tube

Amazon Tube could be the biggest threat to YouTube yet and the patent filing comes amidst ongoing battle.

  • Published: December 21, 2017 3:11 PM IST

Amazon is working on its own video streaming platform to take on YouTube. The e-commerce giant has filed a patent application for an internet service called Amazon Tube that would allow its users to transmit photos, videos and audio files. The description of the service seems similar to that of YouTube, the popular video service owned by Google.

Amazon and Google are engaged in a bitter battle over streaming of video content via the latter’s YouTube application. Google dropped support for YouTube on Amazon Echo Show last month and announced plans to withdraw the service from Fire TV early this month. Interestingly, Amazon filed the patent application on the same day when YouTube announced end of support for Fire TV.

The patent application first spotted by TV Answer Man has no direct reference to YouTube, but the language used to describe the service is similar to that of Google. It is not clear whether Amazon’s patent will get approved and the service will become available to general consumers.

Amazon’s entry into the video streaming service could be a big blow to YouTube, which relies heavily on the creators to stick with its platform. Amazon, with its expansive cloud infrastructure and device portfolio, can offer better monetization option and woo creators away from YouTube. YouTube is struggling with its own issues where advertisers have started walking away from select type of video content and creators have been raising concerns against wrongful demonetization of videos.

Google and Amazon said in statements that they are working to resolve the issues but it now seems Amazon has a good bargain in the form of its own video streaming service pending approval. Google dropped support for YouTube in reciprocation to Amazon’s decision to stop selling Google Chromecast and Google Home on its e-commerce platform.

Google also argued that implementation of YouTube on Echo Show violates its terms and consumers are missing out on core functionalities like recommended videos and option to subscribe to channels. Amazon said it is redirecting its Echo Show and Fire TV customers to a standard web view and Google is setting a disappointing precedent by blocking the website.

While these tech giants continue to battle over support for each other’s services and devices, it is the consumers who seem to be losing out in a big way. It is not clear whether Amazon and Google will reach a settlement anytime soon but Amazon’s own video streaming service sounds interesting to say the least.

  • Published Date: December 21, 2017 3:11 PM IST