Amazon Shopping app for Android to soon integrate Alexa voice assistant: Report

Amazon has sneakily started rolling out the Alexa in-app update to Android smartphone users.


Amazon recently integrated Alexa voice assistant with Amazon Shopping app for iOS users and now, the functionality is going to roll out to even Android users. Amazon launched the voice assistant service Alexa and is now trying to push the service and give Amazon users a try at understanding the features of the assistant. While Alexa is primarily a home speaker based assistant, in the Amazon shopping app, it can perform the regular and the mundane tasks. Amazon is rolling out the update in phases and it might be a few weeks before the new update is available to all users.

The latest in-app feature was first spotted by a Twitter user and TechCrunch reported the functionality. As per the report, Amazon notified users of the update through a card. On launching the Amazon app, the users are informed that Alexa is now integrated and provided two options – to customize the voice assistant or remove the card and proceed with default settings. From within the app, Alexa can perform all the functions like informing the user of the weather, staying up to date with the latest deals and informing the user of the same, calling for an Uber, and more. Alexa can also answer basic questions related to places, famous personalities, general knowledge questions, and more. ALSO READ: Amazon to re-enter smartphone market with ‘Ice’ series; India to be in focus: Report

Amazon is yet to announce the new feature officially and considering that only a handful of users are updated with the feature, it could still be in testing phase with the actual update a few days away. Currently, only Amazon Echo owners who also have the Amazon Shopping app on their devices can try out the new feature. Amazon already has its own separate Alexa app and the new update to Amazon Shopping app is only to assist the user in understanding Alexa better and hopefully, pushing the user to download the complete Alexa app. From within the app, Alexa also lets users control home devices linked to the assistant. The functionalities in both, Android and iOS apps are expected to be the same. ALSO READ: The obsession with voice assistant speakers needs a wake-up call


Considering a lot of features are not available to Indian users (like in-app voice search on, it is unlikely that the new Alexa voice assistant will come to the Indian version of the Amazon shopping app. Though in international markets Amazon has a host of offerings, in India the focus is mainly on Amazon Shopping and gadgets like the Kindle. Alexa is not available in India as a voice assistant and though have been reports of Amazon to customize and bring Alexa to the Indian market, it is unknown when the assistant along with the Echo speaker will finally debut in the market. ALSO READ: Amazon Alexa can now whisper, bleep, change its pitch

  • Published Date: July 24, 2017 12:40 PM IST