Amazon to sell smart locks that will help them drop packages inside your home

Amazon says that in case of any in-house theft, the company is willing to reimburse customers.

  • Published: October 26, 2017 12:41 PM IST

Creepy or creative, you can decide! Amazon is apparently working on a smart lock that will help them drop off delivery packages directly into your home. The company has announced Amazon Key – a lock and camera system (Cloud Cam) that users can control remotely to let delivery associates slip goods right inside their houses.

Amazon has been working on this device for over a year now, as per Reuters. It is aimed to serve those people in particular who are out a lot, so when their orders are delivered, there is always a fear of it being stolen from outside their doors.

“This is not an experiment for us,” Peter Larsen, Amazon vice president of delivery technology told Reuters. “This is a core part of the Amazon shopping experience from this point forward.”

How this works is, the delivery associates are told to ring a doorbell or knock when they arrive at someone’s house. If no one greets them, they press ‘unlock’ in a mobile app, and Amazon checks its systems in an instant to make sure the right associate and package are present. The camera then streams video to the customer, who can view the delivery remotely. The associate cannot proceed with other trips until the home is again locked. ALSO READ: Samsung to release a trackable ‘Connect Tag’ for your kids and pets


But of course, this would raise the question of in-home theft! A stranger enters your house to drop off something, and then locks your house and leaves. But who knows what they do in that duration of unlocking or locking the door. To this, Amazon’s Larsen told Reuters that in-home theft was “not something that happens in practice,” based on trials of Amazon Key. And if it does occur, “in some cases” Amazon will reimburse customers if a problem arises. ALSO READ: Boston Dynamic’s SpotMini is a cute robot dog that can wash dishes too

Other than aiming to leverage its customer base with this move, it also signals Amazon’s ambitions in the growing market for home security devices, where Alphabet Inc’s Nest Labs competes.

Members of Amazon’s Prime shopping club can pay $249.99 (Rs 16,000 approximately) and up for a cloud-controlled camera and lock the company offers to install. Amazon Key launches on November 8 in 37 US locations, Amazon said. ALSO READ: Meet Kuri, an adorable robot that will follow you around at home

  • Published Date: October 26, 2017 12:41 PM IST