Android P Developer Preview 2 leaks out right before Google I/O 2018

Android P Developer Preview 2 has leaked out hours before Google I/O 2018 highlighting some changes in the Android UI.

  • Published: May 8, 2018 6:46 PM IST
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Google I/O 2018, the annual developer conference by the company, is just around the corner. Hours before the conference is set to start, it seems that Android P Developer Preview 2 (DP2) has leaked out on the internet. DP2 for Android P is expected to be the second test version for the upcoming version of Android after the company launched DP1 back in the first week of March this year.

As pointed by the report by Android Police, while it is unlikely that Google would allow DP2 to leak out hours before I/O 2018, it is not really impossible. According to the report, the primary difference in this new release is the presence of gestures for navigation. DP2 comes with a new “Swipe up on Home button” setting in the system where a swipe up would switch apps and second swipe up shows a user, all his apps.

Image credit: Android Police

It is unclear if swiping up twice brings the multitasking and overview screen or if it would actually show you your app drawer. One thing to note here is that the home button seems to turn into a scrolling bar in the recent apps screen when the gesture navigation option is enabled.

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The screenshots showcase that there are no vertical scrolling lists in the apps switching screen. Instead, the interface has been changed to introduce horizontal app switching. Other new features present in DP2 include the “Prevent ringing” option where users can stop their device from ringing by pressing the volume up and the power button at the same time and the “Adaptive battery” which allows users to limit battery drain from apps that are not frequently used.

Google has not issued any official statement addressing the leak at the time of writing. As Android Police points out, these screenshots may or may not be the real deal. However, the subtle details such as the home button turning in to the scrolling bar in the multitasking view makes us believe that this may be the actual DP2 that Google can unveil at I/O 2018.

  • Published Date: May 8, 2018 6:46 PM IST