Android P: Here's the winning name for Google's next OS from our survey

The result is sweet.

  • Published: March 8, 2018 2:49 PM IST
Android P - poll-results

Image: Canva

Google is months away from announcing the name of its next Android version. Whether or not the company decides to finalize the name for Android P through crowdsourcing, we decided to ask our readers to tell us their preference from a list of ten possible names. After a week of the survey, the results are here. And like always, it’s sweet.

In our ‘curious case of Android 9.0 P‘ survey, we asked our readers which sweet treat the next Google Android version, Android P, will be named after? 161 voters took our survey and the winning name is ‘Android 9.0 Pie’.

Android 9.0 Pie received 23 percent votes and clearly stood out from the list of Praline, Pavlova, and Payasam. The second most-voted moniker was Android 9.0 Pancake with 20 percent votes. With such a small margin, we can safely call ‘Pie’ and ‘Pancake’ as our readers’ preference. It remains to be seen if Google also agrees with us.

Talking about the Indian sweets we hoped readers would love to have the next version named after, Payasam ranked low with 13 percent votes while Peda, surprisingly, had more takers at 15 percent. Peppermint ranked third in the list with 17 percent votes. If we have to rank the names based on the votes, here is how the list looks like:

1. Pie
2. Pancake
3. Peppermint
4. Peda
5. Payasam
6. Praline/Popsicle
7. Peanut Butter Cookie
8. Pop Tart
9. Pavlova

Meanwhile, the company rolled out the first developer preview of Android 9.0 P. One of the biggest features is the native support for the notch. The design feature introduced in the Apple iPhone X is hitting popularity as more manufacturers are looking at slimming down bezels and using a cutout on the top for front camera and sensors. With Android P supporting the notch, it is very likely we will see more Android phones flaunting the notch, even as Apple is reportedly looking at ditching it in the next set of iPhones.

  • Published Date: March 8, 2018 2:49 PM IST