Android P: Samsung will end support for Movie Maker app on its Galaxy range of smartphones

Samsung plans to drop 'Movie Maker' with the release of Android P sometime next year for its Galaxy smartphones

  • Published: March 19, 2018 12:23 PM IST
samsung galaxy s9+ video

Samsung plans to drop the built-in movie editor on its Galaxy smartphones when Android P arrives later this year. The South Korean giant has long offered a built-in Movie Maker app for its Galaxy users to edit their clips.

The app comes with ability to do simple task like editing or trimming your video clips. However, when Android P arrives later this year, Samsung plans to ditch its own app, forcing users to look for alternative from the Play Store instead. According to Android Police, the latest version of Movie Maker has started warning users that the app will ‘no longer be provided’ when the Android P update arrives.

Samsung Galaxy owners must note that it could take longer, probably a year from now. Samsung has a really poor track record with software updates and with the stock version of Android P scheduled to arrive only in August or September, the Galaxy devices might receive the version tweaked with Samsung experience only in March next year.

With the release of updated version of Movie Maker, Samsung is also warning users that it will delete all projects at that point and users of the video editing tool must save finished videos before the app gets removed. The reason for Samsung removing the app with next release of Android remains unknown.

Samsung could have factored a number of reasons including lack of popularity for the app among Galaxy smartphone owners. It could also have to do with compatibility of the application with the next iteration of Android. It is not immediately clear whether we will see an official replacement to the app from Samsung or Google directly.

If you have bought any recent Galaxy smartphone then you would observed that Samsung needlessly adds duplicate apps for multiple functions like web browser and email. The removal of Movie Maker might have to do with the built-in video editing feature in Android, which is basic and works for most smartphone users. There is a possibility that Samsung is further streamlining its interface and remove duplicate apps and one cannot deny the fact that third-party applications have gotten way better of these basic applications.

  • Published Date: March 19, 2018 12:23 PM IST