Apple alerts macOS users that 32-bit apps will soon stop working

Apple is dropping support for 32-bit apps on macOS and starts alerting users before full transition

  • Published: April 13, 2018 7:16 PM IST
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Apple has started alerting Mac users that it will drop support for 32-bit apps. The new alert is being pushed to macOS 10.13.14 users and the one-time-per-app warning has been designed in a way that it can encourage users and developers to update their apps. Apple has not clearly mentioned when its plans full transition to 64-bit apps but it might be sooner than later.

When Apple announces its plan to switch completely to 64-bit apps, all the legacy support for 32-bit apps will cease and apps that do not update their architecture will stop working altogether. The Cupertino-based company has already completed the transition entirely to 64-bit app architecture on iOS, its mobile operating system. However, a similar switch on desktop ecosystem is likely to be more complicated, since the ecosystem has been around for a lot longer and apps might been built using legacy techniques.

But it is now clear that Apple thinks the change is long overdue. It is also unclear how Apple plans to address the fact that not all apps on the macOS are distributed through app store like it happens in the case of iOS. If app developers fail to update their applications then there is a possibility that macOS users will lose their data.

Apple has released a support document to address these concerns and users can check for 64-bit compatibility of apps through the system report failure. The macOS users can go to Apple menu and then choose about this mac and then click the system report button where they can scroll down to software and then select applications.

When users select an individual application they will see a field called 64-bit (Intel) and it is marked then it means the app developers has already enable support. If it is not marked then users need to update the app and if an update is not available, Apple recommends contacting the developer.

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Apple seems to be pushing the button when it comes to dropping support for 32-bit applications. The only concern here will be whether app developers take yield of Apple’s warning and revert with positive feedback.

  • Published Date: April 13, 2018 7:16 PM IST