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Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, Apple TV and Apple Watch Series 3 launched: Here's how the event panned out

Catch the live unveiling of Apple's new iPhones with us.

  • Updated: September 13, 2017 12:33 AM IST

The stage at the Steve Jobs Theater is all set for tonight’s mega launch of the new Apple iPhones. As Apple commemorates the 10th anniversary of its iPhone, CEO Tim Cook is expected to unveil a brand-new iPhone with some of the most anticipated features. Possibly called the iPhone X, the special edition iPhone will be accompanied with two more iPhone models, which will be upgrades to the current lineup, third-generation Apple Watch, and a new Apple TV.

Coinciding with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 India launch, it will be interesting to see how the Apple event takes shape for the California-based company which is often criticized for its ‘expensive’ products. In a rare interview, ahead of the launch, Cook dismissed claims of Apple making products for the rich by saying the company’s reputation for building expensive products was ‘over emphasized‘. Now, it will be interesting to see how Apple actually prices its special edition iPhone which is rumored to be its most expensive iPhone ever, costing a whopping $1,000. Stay tuned with us and follow the live blog below to catch all the action as it unfolds at the Apple Park campus.

Deepali Moray September 13, 201712:29 am

This brings us to the end of live coverage. Thank you for tuning in. You can read about today’s launches in depth by following the links below:
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Deepali Moray September 13, 201712:25 am

Tim Cook ends the keynote with one of Steve Jobs’ quotes.

Deepali Moray September 13, 201712:21 am

Apple iPhone X price starts at $999. To be available from November 3.

Deepali Moray September 13, 201712:16 am

Apple gives a sneak peek into a new wireless charging system called AirPower, which allow you to charge multiple devices at once, along with monitoring their charging levels.

Deepali Moray September 13, 201712:13 am

With improved battery life, the iPhone X is said to last two hours more than the iPhone 7 Plus. It supports wireless charging.

Deepali Moray September 13, 201712:12 am

Apple iPhone X dual-camera comes with dual OIS. Interestingly, both the rear and front cameras support Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting feature.

Deepali Moray September 13, 201712:10 am

The Apple iPhone X also features a dual camera module at the back, but placed vertically.

Deepali Moray September 13, 201712:09 am

Here’re the animojis in action.

Deepali Moray September 13, 201712:07 am

The all-new iOS 11 looks like it is meant for the all-screen display of the iPhone X. You can switch between apps by swiping at the bottom of the screen.

Deepali Moray September 13, 201712:02 am

Animoijs or animated emojis can be customized using facial movements. These can be used for iMessages on the iPhone X.

Deepali Moray September 13, 201712:00 am

Face ID on the iPhone X works with Apple Pay and other third-party apps.

Deepali Moray September 13, 201712:00 am

The chances of someone else hacking into your Face ID is one in a million.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:58 pm

With machine learning, Face ID adapts to you, even as you age or change your hairstyle, put on glasses, etc.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:57 pm

Face ID combines machine learning for authentication. The A11 Bionic neural engine powers the iPhone X to aid in Face ID.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:56 pm

The iPhone X comes with Face ID – a feature that uses a TrueDepth camera technology on the front to authenticate user.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:54 pm

As there is no home button, you can simply swipe up on the screen to go to home. For invoking Siri, you can press the wake/lock button on the right.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:53 pm

The iPhone X, (pronounced iPhone Ten), features tap-to-wake feature as it ditches the traditional home button.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:51 pm

Apple iPhone X designed to be dust and water resistant. Features an 5.8-inch all-screen Super Retina OLED display with 458ppi.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:49 pm

Here comes the iPhone X. “The biggest leap forward since the first iPhone,” says Cook.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:47 pm

Cook says “one more thing” left to announce. Will it be the special edition iPhone?

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:47 pm

Apple iPhone 8 starts at $699, iPhone 8 Plus starts at $799.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:45 pm

New iPhone 8 supports wireless charging, based on Qi open standard.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:40 pm

AR game by Directive Games being demonstrated live at the keynote.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:39 pm

Apple iPhone 8 Plus dual cameras are calibrated for augmented reality. So essentially, it will give you a better experience if you are using any AR app or playing an AR game using the phone.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:37 pm

New iPhone 8 capable of shooting 1080p HD 240 fps slow-mo videos, and 4K videos at 60 fps.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:35 pm

Apple iPhone 8 Plus dual cameras use machine learning to adjust lighting while you are composing shots in the Portrait Mode. The feature is called as Portrait Lighting.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:34 pm

Cameras on iPhone 8 Plus comes as an upgrade to the iPhone 7 Plus with improved sensors for richer details.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:33 pm

12-megapixel rear camera with OIS on the Apple iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 Plus has 12-megapixel dual-camera module with a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:31 pm

Apple-designed GPU in the new A11 Bionic chip said to be 30 percent faster than A10.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:30 pm

New A11 Bionic powers the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. There are new stereo speakers as well.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:30 pm

Apple iPhone 8 features 4.7-inch display, while the iPhone 8 Plus features a 5.5-inch display.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:29 pm

The Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are here. Available in Silver, Space Gray, and new gold color!

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:27 pm

“We have huge iPhone news for you guys,” says Cook.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:26 pm

It is now time for THE launch – the new Apple iPhone.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:25 pm

Apple TV 4K to go up for pre-orders starting September 15. Prices start at $149. It is priced at Rs 15,900 for 32GB or Rs 17,900 for 64GB in India; available through select Apple Authorised Resellers.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:19 pm

The new TV app gets a redesign with a dedicated sports tab.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:17 pm

Apple will be teaming up with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for 4K HDR original content on iTunes.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:16 pm

The new Apple TV 4K is equipped with A10X chipset, which also powers the Apple iPad Pro.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:15 pm

Apple has also tweaked the design interface of the tvOS.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:14 pm

The Apple TV 4K output looks pretty incredible. Sharper details and richer colors.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:13 pm

Apple TV 4K, as the name suggests, bring support for 4K resolution and HDR.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:12 pm

Apple TV 4K announced.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:11 pm

Time for Apple TV announcement. 4K and HDR support is expected.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:10 pm

Apple Watch Series 3 prices start at $329. Sales will begin from September 22.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:07 pm

New bands for the Apple Watch Series 3 introduced, along with a ceramic edition in gray finish.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:04 pm

With the e-SIM, you can make calls right from the Apple Watch Series 3.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:03 pm

Apple Watch Series 3 features enhanced Siri integration, dual-core processor W2, new altimeter, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201711:01 pm

Apple Watch Series 3 announced. It now comes with cellular connectivity. You no longer need to carry your connected iPhone for taking calls.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201710:58 pm

watchOS 4 to be available for all Apple Watch users from September 19. There are tons of improvements and new fitness features to the software.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201710:57 pm

New Apple Watch can now alert you about arrhythmia, a condition when your heart beats irregularly.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201710:55 pm

Heart rate monitor on the Apple Watch has been improved for accurate readings.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201710:50 pm

Apple Watch is the number one watch in the world: Tim Cook

Deepali Moray September 12, 201710:49 pm

First product of the day – Apple Watch – is about to be announced.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201710:47 pm

Apple Stores in certain locations have been redesigned by the same design team, which has also designed the new campus, for an enhanced consumer experience.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201710:40 pm

The Apple Park campus will open later this year for the employees.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201710:37 pm

Steve Jobs’ vision lives on in the new Apple Park and everywhere in Apple: Tim Cook

Deepali Moray September 12, 201710:35 pm

An emotional Tim Cook opens the keynote, remembering Steve Jobs.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201710:31 pm

The event begins with a video of Apple’s sprawling new ‘spaceship’ campus. The 135-acre campus is capable of accommodating about 20,000 employees.

Nash David September 12, 201710:14 pm

And if the event starts on time, we should be hearing Tim Cook greet us all ‘Good morning!’ in exactly 15 minutes from now.

Deepali Moray September 12, 201710:11 pm

Inside panorama view of the Steve Jobs Theater.
Credit- Austin Mann

Deepali Moray September 12, 201710:08 pm

This is how the Steve Jobs Theater looks like right now.
Credit- Cnet

Nash David September 12, 201710:03 pm

Thanks Apple. But I was following it anyway.

Nash David September 12, 201710:01 pm

We’re now down to our last mile. Under 30 minutes left to the beginning of the #AppleEvent. It’s now the top trend on Twitter India.

Nash David September 12, 201710:00 pm

What do think of the new Apple campus?

Deepali Moray September 12, 20179:59 pm

First look of the Steve Jobs Theater from the inside.
Credit- Ed Baig

Deepali Moray September 12, 20179:57 pm

From the special edition iPhone to third-gen Apple Watch and a new Apple TV with 4K and HDR support. Here’s a roundup of what we expect from tonight’s event:

Nash David September 12, 20179:54 pm

After the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launched in India today, September 12, is truly turning out to bring the best of both worlds. Android and iOS at its best.

Deepali Moray September 12, 20179:51 pm

Meanwhile, the Twitterati is gearing up for the #AppleEvent in the most hilarious way:

Nash David September 12, 20179:50 pm

Apple CEO Tim Cook said prior to the event that Apple products aren’t ‘made for the rich.’ This could have an impact for the Indian consumer. Much to look forward to? What do you reckon?

Nash David September 12, 20179:48 pm

And I wonder how many of the leaks we’ve heard so far will turn out to be true. Most would be my guess.

Deepali Moray September 12, 20179:46 pm

Some features of the upcoming iPhone include an all-screen OLED display, 3D camera, and wireless charging. Follow the link to read more:

Nash David September 12, 20179:39 pm

And we have under an hour to go for the event to begin…

Deepali Moray September 12, 20179:29 pm

The special edition iPhone is expected to be the most expensive iPhone ever. But Apple CEO Tim Cook has something else to say about Apple’s reputation of building expensive products. Read more here:

Deepali Moray September 12, 20179:18 pm

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone. To mark the occasion, Apple is expected to launch a special edition iPhone. Will it be called the ‘iPhone X’ or the ‘iPhone 8’ ? Read more here:

Deepali Moray September 12, 20179:10 pm

Apple CEO Tim Cook has posted a tweet ahead of the mega event, giving a glimpse of the Steve Jobs Theater at the company’s new ‘spaceship’ campus.

Deepali Moray September 12, 20179:03 pm

Apple is set to launch a new set of iPhones today. The live event will begin at 10.30PM (IST). Stay tuned with us for all the updates.

  • Published Date: September 12, 2017 8:58 PM IST
  • Updated Date: September 13, 2017 12:33 AM IST

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