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Apple iOS 11: A roundup of the key features coming to the iPhone and iPad

These are the big changes you will see with the iOS 11.


Akin to the anniversary edition iPhone, the iOS 11 is also going to pack some interesting new features when it goes live later this year. The newest version of the operating system is in the final stage of beta, and over the course of its testing phases, developers and enthusiasts have uncovered a lot of features, some of which even Apple did not detail during the announcement at WWDC 2017. While there are hundreds of nuanced features in the iOS 11, here’s a look at the significant ones, which will change your experience on the iPhone and iPad.

iOS 11 on iPhone

Control Centre

You will see a lot of changes when you update your compatible iPhone to the iOS 11. For starters, iOS 11 will give your iPhone a new Control Center. The new Control Center spreads out on the whole screen, and features a new screen recording option.

The Lock Screen has also been improved. To get to all your notifications, pull down on the top of the screen, and all the recent or missed notifications will be visible at one place.


iOS 11 brings as many as five new features to the native camera app. With the new OS, you will be able to tweak the animation in Live Photos with various effects. There are three new type of effects, which have been added to Live Photos — loop, bounce, and long exposure.

The native camera of the iPhone will also support QR code scanning with the iOS 11. You can just point the camera to QR codes on jam jars, movie tickets, or clothing labels, and it will prompt you to open the embedded link through Safari or if it is a number hidden in the code then make a call. RELATED: New filters, QR scanning and more: 5 new camera features introduced on iOS 11

In addition to that, iOS 11 will add LED support for the Portrait mode, and compress images with a new technology that will essentially lock the quality of the image, but at half the file size.

Dark Mode, DND, Disable Touch ID and more

For an easy-on-the-eyes experience, especially while operating your iPhone in a dark environment, iOS 11 will let you switch to the Smart Invert mode in iOS 11. The feature will turn the interface in black, with the exception of media elements such as apps icons or images. This mode is different than the Classic Invert, and will be tucked in the accessibility settings.

The iOS 11 also comes with the emergency calling feature, which can be activated through the TouchID. If you tap five times on the TouchID in quick succession, it will dial up emergency services in supported countries. However, in order to avoid accidental activation of the feature, a new setting in the iOS 11 is also being added, that will show the option to disable the emergency calling or disable TouchID by entering a passcode. ALSO READ: Apple iOS 11 Smart Invert: Here’s how the ‘Dark Mode’ for iPhone works

If you are driving, the iOS 11 will now prevent you from getting distracted with notifications. The iPhone will be able to sense when you might be driving and disable notifications for calls, text messages and notifications. People trying to reach you can automatically be notified that you’re driving.


The voice-controlled assistant also turns a little smarter with the iOS 11. Siri can now translate for you with simple commands. Ask Siri in English to say something in any of the supported languages, and it will translate the phrase. With enhanced learning, Siri will now play what you like from Apple Music too. It can also answer music trivia questions, such as who is the singer or drummer in a particular song.

Siri will also suggest names of movies, places as you type in a message based on whatever you’ve recently viewed. If you tell a friend you’re on your way, Siri can even suggest your estimated arrival time. ALSO READ: iOS 11: Top 11 features that Apple didn’t tell you about

iOS on iPad

New Dock

Apple has released four new videos detailing the iOS 11 features on the iPad. One of the videos talks about the new Dock. You can now add more of your favorite apps to the Dock. You can also tap and hold on any app in the dock to access recently opened file. The new dock also supports the drag and drop feature. Similar to how it is on Windows, you can simply tap and hold on any object and transfer to any of the running apps. For example, you can drag and drop an image from the gallery to your iMessages, without having to use the attach option.

Files App

The new Files app works similar to the ‘Recent Places’ option in Windows. You can browse through your recent apps, files, messages, etc or through the entire content of your iPad from this app. You can also make or manage favorites with drag and drop method. ALSO READ: iOS 11: How to identify 32-bit apps on your iPhone that will soon stop working


iOS 11 takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. If you are on one app, you can simply swipe up to access the secondary app through the new dock. Not only will both the apps be live simultaneously, but you can also share content between them with a simple drag and drop. ALSO READ: WWDC 2017: Here are the top features of iOS 

Scan and Sign documents

Particularly meant for the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, this feature allows you to effortlessly scan any important document and sign it. You will be required to first scan the document using the Notes app, and then sign on it digitally using the Apple Pencil. Sending the signed document from the Notes app is as easy as tapping on the share icon and selecting the medium of choice. Using the Apple Pencil, you can also mark up stuff on the iPad; from doodling on images, to signing documents within a mail, to even accessing the Notes by tapping on the lock screen.

AR Kit

And finally, possibly the biggest game-changer, iOS 11 is introducing is the ARKit. It is essentially a new framework for developers to build augmented reality apps that leverages the iPad interface. Games and apps on the iPad can take a brand new turn with the use of this framework. Apple had demonstrated the capabilities of the framework by arranging a virtual game in an empty surrounding.  ALSO READ: Apple iPad Pro 2 review: It’s what you make of it

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