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Apple iOS 11 to come with screen-sharing feature: Report

The screen-sharing feature is still in beta mode on iOS 11.


During WWDC 2017, Apple demoed iOS 11 features. There have been multiple reports around new features in iOS 11, but the latest feature brings the ability to share the iPhone display directly to a screen. Apart from screen recording, Apple will also reportedly roll out the feature to broadcast the display directly.

As first reported by The Next Web, the ‘Start Broadcast’ button rests right below the ‘Screen Recording button’ and will help users share the display during live videos. Currently, the button does not function and is just provided as an option. Clicking on the button does nothing but save some content to the video gallery. It is unclear what the feature will exactly be used for. It will most likely be used for third-party apps like Facebook and YouTube, which rely heavily on live videos and other types of content. Starting the broadcast could result in sharing the device display directly in the live video.

Many have also hinted that the feature could be a part of AirPlay, but since AirPlay already has a similar function under the Control Center, the addition of another tab seems pointless. The feature forms a part of the third iOS beta update that is expected to be announced soon. iOS 11 has brought about a lot of changes. One of the most notable features is the ‘Dark Mode’. Apple seems to finally be giving users an official ‘Dark Mode’ to invert the colors on the device. ALSO READ: Apple may not add to its ‘Make in India’ portfolio anytime soon: Report

Replacing the ‘Invert Colors’, iOS 11 comes with ‘Smart Invert’ The smart invert retains the app colors and also does not invert colors in photos. The images stay intact. If an app is black, it will continue to stay black even after the new mode is applied. The feature is also available to iOS 11 beta users and can be accessed under Display Settings. This is the closest Apple has ever come to providing an official dark mode for the iPhone.

Coming to the next feature, this one has already landed into a controversy. Apple has created a new screenshot grab option which lets users bypass in-app screenshot settings and take screenshots of anything on the display. Snapchat users have expressed major concerns as the feature passes over Snapchat’s in-app functionality which lets users keep a tab on who is taking screenshots of their posts. Though the Beta mode is out, many are still only discovering features and the final complete version will be announced at the Apple iPhone 8 event later in the year.

  • Published Date: July 13, 2017 1:05 PM IST