Apple iOS 12: Google Maps now works with Apple CarPlay

Google Maps on CarPlay will not use Siri voice control.

  • Published: September 20, 2018 4:26 PM IST

Image: Google

Google Maps is now available to use with Apple’s CarPlay on iOS 12. Google has rolled out Google Maps version 5.0 on the App Store, and it now works on all CarPlay supported vehicles and devices globally. Up until now, CarPlay only supported Apple Maps on the built-in screen in newer cars with mapping data from the iPhone.

With Apple’s iOS 12 release, Apple has enabled third party maps apps. Now Google Maps will work right in your car’s built-in display. CarPlay users will need to install iOS 12 for iPhone and update to the latest version of Google Maps through App store. The app is free. Google-owned Waze is also bringing CarPlay support in an upcoming update, noted 9to5mac.

Google Maps on CarPlay will not use Siri voice control, instead users will be able to use Google-powered voice search.

“Google Maps on CarPlay lets you start navigation from your iPhone and immediately pick up where you left off once you’ve connected to CarPlay – because we know that minutes matter when you’re pressed for time,” noted Google.

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The Google maps version 5.0 on CarPlay features the same navigation experience found in the iPhone app. Since Google Maps app works with Google account, users will be able to navigate to saved addresses (like home, work etc.) too on Apple’s Carplay built-in cars. Additionally, users with iOS 12 and updated Google Maps version 5.0 will be able to search for places, see alternative routes and get live, up to date information about traffic jams and delays as well.

  • Published Date: September 20, 2018 4:26 PM IST