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Apple iOS 13: Dark Mode, new volume HUD, undo gesture, upgrades to Safari and Mail, and more

Apple is likely to reveal the changes in iOS 13 along with everything new at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019.

  • Published: April 17, 2019 9:54 AM IST
Apple CEO Tim Cook Kicks Off Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple is likely to be currently working on the next major version of its in-house mobile operating system, the Apple iOS 13. The company is expected to bring significant changes to iOS with the upcoming version that is set to launch later this year. Apple is likely to reveal the changes in iOS along with everything new at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019.

As previously reported, WWDC 2019 is scheduled to take place on June 3, 2019. This means that there is still some time left before Apple reveals what we should expect from iOS 13.

Dark Mode on Apple iOS 13

In the meantime, new information has leaked online to give us a better sense of what Apple seems to be working on in OS 13. According to a report by 9to5Mac, the company seems to be working on a much awaited system-wide Dark Mode for the mobile operating system. This means that both iPhone and iPad users will no longer be blinded by the all while UI of iOS at night or even first thing in the morning. The report also revealed that the company is also working on a high-contrast mode that is similar to what is already available in the MacOS.

Multitasking improvements in iOS 13

In addition to the dark mode, Apple is also working on making improvements to the multitasking on iOS. This is likely to be a welcome change for users who own an iPad Pro or even the latest generation of iPad Mini and the iPad Air. According to the report, iOS 13 is likely to add support for multiple windows for one single app. The leaked information indicated that all app windows can include sheets that are attached to “a portion of the screen”.

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However, users can then use the drag gesture to detach the different portions of the sheet to turn them into individual cards. These cards can then “be moved around freely” making it similar to free-form windows on Android. Talking about the feature in details, the report revealed that users can then stack different cards on top of each other and the system will use depth effect to indicate which card is on the top.

Undo gesture, font management

iOS 13 is also likely to come with a system-wide undo feature, especially for the text field input on iPad devices. To invoke this feature, users will need to tap the keyboard area with three fingers and then slide to the left or right to undo and redo actions performed. Apple will also add a tutorial in the system to inform and teach users about this new feature. It is likely that the company may also allow developers to integrate this feature in their app or even on introduce custom controls with the help of an official API.

The new update is also likely to bring a new font management panel in the “Settings” app which will eliminate the need to install a new profile to get new fonts in iOS. Apple will also bring a new standard system-wide font picket for developers while informing users about missing fonts if and when they open a document.

Upgrades to Safari, Mail, new volume HUD, and more

The report also highlighted major upgrades to the Safari and Mail app on iOS 13. As part of the new update, Safari will automatically open desktop versions of the websites. Moving to the Mail app, Apple will make upgrades to ensure that the app can automatically organize emails in different categories including marketing, travel, purchases and more. Users will also get the option to add emails to a “read later” list like most third-party apps. The company will also redesign the currently obstructive volume HUD to ensure that it does not interfere with the content on the screen.

Other changes include improvements to “Hey Siri” rejection, improved multilingual support on the keyboard, dictation, improved in-app printing controls, redesigned Reminders app, and easy collaboration on third-party document-based apps. Apple is also working on new gestures to select multiple items, and easy drag and drop of those items with multiple fingers, improvements in the Split view, and more.

  • Published Date: April 17, 2019 9:54 AM IST